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Surfing the best ways to dispose off your E-waste.

06th March 2011
By pacebutler in Business Law
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When it comes to technology, we all know what’s new today becomes old news tomorrow. Electronics in general are a big player in clogging up landfills — according to the EPA, over 3 million tons of electronic gadgetry ended up in the trash in 2003. They are also the cause of overstuffed drawers in your home office. For the tech enthusiasts, the latest technology is a must-have. But what happens to yesterday’s technology? Are they left lying around the house waiting to decompose?

Disposal of these things seems like a hassle. It would be easier just to toss them in a dumpster, right? Easier, indeed. But wasteful and irresponsible, too! Find the computer and electronics recycling center in your area. In some cases, communities have designated days where hardware can be dropped off at specific locations. Either way, make the effort to recycle your goods. Computers and many gadgets are full of expensive and reusable resources such as gold, copper, and engineered plastics. Not only does it keep the resource cost down, but it improves the environment. It’s better to recycle metals than to mine for more and further destroy the earth. Here are a few ways of how you can recycle your unwanted electronic gadgets to help the environment.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. One first way is to sell cell phone. There may be other not-so-up-to-date people who are looking for your old technology. You can hold your very own garage sale, or you can post your items online. Either way, there are bound to people willing to buy what you call crap provided they still work. There are also a number of organizations who buy your old and unused phones straight through online. Not only cell phones but many other electronic gadgets too. Just input the specs of your superfluous gadgets, and their site will tell you’re right away if you stand to get some cash from the deal. Although they pay you according the make, model and functionality of these but you are still happy to recycle it all. And, depending on what you send them and how well it works, the company often donates gear to battered women's shelters, senior citizens, and schools, as well as 911 services

Another way is salvaging it, if your gadget does not function like it used to, you can break it down into smaller pieces, and salvage some of them to be used as spare parts. That way, you can save on repair bills and you can try out your modification skills.

One very good way is send it back to the manufactures, some manufacturers offer trade-in programs that offer a discounts on new purchases when you bring your unwanted gadgets back in. The more environmentally conscious manufacturing companies also offer other facilities such as conveniently placed bins and collection centers where you can drop off your old batteries, chargers, and ink cartridges for them to recycle.

Recycling cell phones and your other unwanted gadgets is important because disposing them usually requires a lot of energy and resources. Not only that, they also produce a lot of chemicals and wastes that are not bio-degradable, and sometimes even harmful to humans and the environment.

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