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Stupid and Funny Laws in The State of New York - Laws and Humor

02nd April 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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Ah, New York. It's an incredible state boasting one of the cultural centers of the world, and hence it has its own share of oddities. Some of those oddities are, strange enough, located in the law books. These laws are head scratches and contradictory and just plain odd. It makes you wonder how any of these laws got passed and why they exist. Just a sampling of the strange laws in New York is included below.

If you're flirting with someone, you can be fined $25.

It's illegal to throw a ball at a person's head for fun.

If you jump off a bridge, you will be given the death penalty.

On Sundays, a person may not walk around with an ice cream cone in his or her pocket.

If you've ever wondered how to act in a crowded elevator, there's a law for it in New York. A person must speak to no one, look at the ground, and fold his or her hands.

As long as it is not being done for business, women are permitted to be topless in public. However, women cannot wear body-hugging clothing on the street as that is illegal.

If you've ever wanted to do a puppet show in a window in New York City, don't. That's against the law.

In Carmel, a man cannot wear a jacket and pants that do not match. Looks like the fashion police wrote that one. In Carmel you are also forbidden from eating ice cream on the sidewalk.

In Ocean City, people are not allowed to swim in the ocean and eat at the same time. They are also not allowed to play pinball on Sundays, or to sell raw hamburger at all. Men are not allowed to go topless in the center of town (even if it's not for business purposes).

Staten Island has a strange law regarding lawn maintenance. You can water your lawn with a hose so long as you hold the hose in your hand.

You cannot wear slippers after 10:00pm. There is no word on when you are permitted to put your slippers back on.

Perhaps the strangest law is that people in the State of New York cannot greet each other by "putting one's thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers." Since I have yet to see anyone greet me in this way, I can only assume they fear the punishment for violating this law.

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