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Student Visa For Immigration to Canada, U.K and Australia

24th August 2011
By Subhash Kashyap in Immigration Law
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Choosing study options abroad is a tedious task. While one chooses his/her future university for higher education one should keep in mind the quality of teaching, the research profile and the reputation of the university’s academics, future career opportunities and international exposure.

The rankings produced regularly both by employers in the academic world as well as the industry prove that the degrees awarded by internationally renowned universities substantially increase your chances of getting higher paycheques contributing to a lucrative career.

Foreign universities offer a wide array of academic programs that suit the individual skills, talents and interests. These programs open the best opportunities for your academic and professional development along with cultural exposure. Many of the renowned universities also offer scholarships and grants for supporting international students.

Canada is one of the preferred countries for immigration among international students .The country has a stable socio economic structure, high education and living standards, lucrative career options and not so stringent immigration laws.

A degree from a Canadian university is equivalent to that from an American university. Canada has a multicultural society with one fifth of its population being foreign nationals. The multi cultural society provides a lot of international exposure that is beneficial for personal and professional development. Canada Immigration and Citizenship Department offers student visa for international students.

Individuals opting for more than six months of an educational course can apply for student visa. The most attractive feature of this type of visa is the freedom to work on campus without a work permit. The duration of the student visa is also extendable if required. Off campus work is available to full time students studying in some of the defined provinces. If studying in the defined provinces, one must apply for a work permit.

The United Kingdom is another most preferred destination for immigration. Educational standards in Britain are respected and recognized worldwide. Educational institutes in Britain provide an innovative and challenging environment to develop one’s true potential. To ensure high educational standards there are independent organizations which regularly inspect and accredit U.K institutions and their courses.

U.K follows a Five Tier Points Based Immigration System that scores applicants on various criteria to assess their eligibility to obtain U.K student visa. Student visa is granted for an initial period of one year, usually determined by the length of the course to be studied.

Tier 1 encompasses all the study, work, permit and training routes of immigration. This tier is aimed at tapping the best talent form outside of European Union, who can contribute to the country’s economy and keep it globally competitive. Tier 1 includes highly skilled immigrants, entrepreneurs, investors and foreign graduates of U.K educational institutions. A person must successfully score 75 points under points based system to come to U.K under Tier 1.The post study work category under tier 1 is meant to retain the brightest foreign students who have studied in U.K.Tier 4 visas require sponsorship from recognized U.K educational institution.

Australia is the third most popular study destination in the world. Its highly reputed universities offer best of the specialized courses and vocational study programs. Studying at these universities provide global exposure and an understanding of different cultures. Economical living and study expenses and great employment are some of the other potential reasons for immigration.

Australian government operates an Overseas student Program for which a student visa must be obtained before the commencement of the course. Department of immigration and Citizenship grants a student visa, if the course is a registered course or part of a registered course on a full time basis. There are different subclasses of student visa on the intended studies.

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