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Strategies For Marketing Real Estate Investing Business

23rd October 2012
By Simon Macharia in Real Estate Law
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Marketing your services and properties is crucial to the success of any real estate investing business. In this respect, you must employ several marketing strategies together, rather than just one strategy.

In this article, we discuss the most effective strategies for marketing your real estate investing business.

i) Email marketing
One of the most important components of real estate investing is email marketing. It is mandatory to build a list of people looking to buy the properties you sell.

You can build this buyers list through a good real estate investor website. For this to work, the website must allow potential buyers to join your buyers list as they view the properties.

you just need to email your buyers list once you have new properties for sale. Chances are that you will get a buyer after just one email.

ii) Social media
Most people today are in the social media, especially Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As a real estate investor, whenever you get an opportunity to meet new people, such as other real estate investors, invite them as your friends in social media.

This list can grow within a short time with referrals.

Whenever you need to get the word out about something, you can reach a lot of people with just a few clicks.

Your best bet is with Facebook and LinkedIn.

iii) Blogging
Search engines love fresh content. This content in turn brings you traffic directly from search engines.

It is necessary to have a website for real estate investing that is integrate with a blog. This way, you can write your articles directly from your website. A blog that is well optimized for search engines also informs search engines about the fresh content so they can index it right away.

iv) Search engine optimization
People start looking for information from the search engines, particularly Google and Bing. Most people looking to buy or sell houses start their search on the internet.

It follows that if they can find your website first when they search for your services, they will most likely become your clients.

Search engine optimization works to place your website higher than your competition in search results.

A good real estate investor website should be delivered with its content already optimized for search engines.

You can then build quality back links with relevant content to further optimize your website. Websites with more back links are considered to be more popular by the search engines, and are therefore ranked higher.

You must be careful not to do this too fast, otherwise search engines will blacklist you for spamming.

It is important to chose a good SEO company that knows their job, or your website can simply disappear from search engine results.

v) Direct mail
Targeted direct mail forms a very important component of real estate investing marketing. You have probably used post cards or letters to reach potential clients.

The more targeted your mailing list is, the better the response you get from your marketing campaigns.

We have covered this topic in great detail in separate articles.

vi) Networking
If you are a member of a real estate investing group, then you probably know networking is crucial to your business. You get to meet buyers, sellers, contractors, title companies, mortgage lenders and so on.

You end up closing more deals as it puts you ahead in your marketing.

A successful real estate investing business needs to have an interactive website for real estate investing integrated with an optimized blog. A website like this automatically attracts business by getting it search engine optimized.
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