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Strange, Obscure, and Funny Laws of The United States of America

29th September 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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Hundreds of long-forgotten laws remain on state books. The reasons for their existence often remain a mystery but, frequently, are more than likely moral compasses of the times in which they were enacted.

In Alabama, do not put an ice cream cone in your back pocket. It is illegal. And if you are going to flick a booger, do it downwind. Flicking upwind is not permissible. While flying over Alaska, make sure you do not look at a moose. In Arizona, your donkey may not sleep in the bathtub and, if a person asks you for a glass of water, you may not refuse.

Cowboy boots are only permitted in California if you own at least two cows. In Colorado, rock mutilation is not allowed. Dancing and drinking at the same time in Delaware is a no-no. Singing in public while wearing a swimsuit is not legal in Florida. Hawaiians may be fined if they do not own a boat.

It is hard to imagine the impetus behind these Idaho laws: a man may not give a box of candy to his sweetheart that weighs less than 50 pounds or fish from the back of a camel.

In Indiana, your hotel sheets will always be exactly 99 inches long and 81 inches wide. Hygiene is also a concern in Indiana - you may not bathe between October and March. If you are taking a flight in Maine, you cannot step out of the plane while it is in the air. Snorers in Massachusetts must securely lock their bedroom windows.

Streets in Nevada must not have benches in the middle. If you jump off a building in New York, the sentence is death. Criminals are safe on Sundays in Ohio. Arrests are not permitted on that day. Oregon insists you wear suitable clothes while bathing.

You must be awake when driving in Tennessee. Sleeping is illegal. Texans may not take more than three sips from their beer while they are standing. Utah is health-conscious - not drinking milk is illegal. Children in Virginia miss one of their favorite occasions: Halloween. Trick-or-treating is not allowed.

If you have a cold, do not go out in public in Washington. Wisconsin does not allow apple pies in restaurants without cheese. Finally, in Wyoming, women cannot stand within five feet of a bar while drinking.

Ridiculous or not, these laws are a part of our heritage and we should relish them.

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