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Strange and Funny Laws in The State of Missouri

15th April 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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Weird laws are everywhere. Every country, every state, and every city will have some bizarre laws on the books. What follows below are some of the strangest laws in the State of Missouri. This list is by no means comprehensive and it only scratches the surfaces of all the odd laws in the country, but regardless, these laws are amusing and interesting to read through.

If you're a single male and between the ages of twenty-one and fifty, save the money spent on a soda for your taxes. Since 1820, there has been a Missouri law that requires such men to pay a one dollar tax.

Out in Kansas City, minor are not allowed to buy cap guns. There is not a law on the books, however, that prohibits minors from buying shotguns. Another odd minor law, minors in Marceline can buy tobacco and rolling papers but not lighters. Apparently it didn't occur to anyone that books of matches are free.

Purdy must be pretty old. Dancing is not allowed there.

University City is a strange place. Not only is it against the law for someone to own PVC pipe, it is also against the law to have a yard sale in the front yard. Worse yet, you're not permitted to ask people to watch over your own parked car.

Don't make faces around a baby carriage in Mole. Out there, it is illegal to frighten a baby.

If you're living out in Buckner, you can burn your yard waste any day of the week except for Sunday.

A case of common sense and uncommon laws, you cannot provide alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants to elephants in Natchez.

If you're a milk man in St. Louis, be sure to slow down. Milk men cannot run while they are on duty.

So yes, while there are many laws on the books that can protect and serve the public, there are many others that are meant for who knows what.

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