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Stop Your Divorce - 4 Powerful Steps To Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage

17th November 2010
By cjmo75 in Divorce
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One thing you should know is that it's never too late to put a stop to your divorce! A failed marriage is one of the worst experiences that a person can endure, and it can be mighty stressful. Studies show that more than 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. When you consider how very devastating a divorce actually is, it's no wonder that there is a lot of heartache in the world!

The worst part of it is that many of these divorces could have been prevented. There is no reason why your marriage has to be a statistic. If you really want to, you CAN do something about it and STOP your divorce! It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth saving ever is. You just need to backtrack, find the causes and problems, and then take the proper steps to correct them.

Just as you can't build a home without a blueprint, you can't rebuild your marriage without a plan. Fortunately, the help you need IS available. All you need to do is know where to find it and how to take advantage of it. If you want to save your marriage, you need to immediately get your mind to thinking that you will prevent your divorce. Here are 4 steps that I think will help you rebuild you marriage and deter a divorce:

1. Isolate the Problem(s)

You can't reverse your divorce if you don't know why your marriage fell apart in the first place. You and your spouse need to find common ground and work together to diagnose the problem. This is much harder than it sounds, because you may not be on the best of terms with your spouse at the moment.

2. Fix the Problem

This is the most important step, and if you can't achieve this, you can't go any further. Some problems can't be fixed, but most can. If you can't fix the problem, then you can't stop your divorce. The main reason most divorces aren't stopped is because the couple could not identify the problem. However, you've already done that in the first step. Now you need to sit down with your spouse and make comprimises to try and save your marriage.

3. Remember the "Good Ol' Days"

It's good to reminisce about the good times you had. Things may be bad now, but at some point in time they were great, or else you probably wouldn't have gotten together in the first place. Remembering the fun things you did together and the love you shared can often reignite that "love" spark.

4. Start All Over

The last step in your mission to stop your divorce is to start over. Picture your marriage as being brand new. While you should remember the good times, you need to let the bad times go and learn about your spouse all over again. Things are different now, and you need to make your marriage work with the person you are married to NOW, not the person you used to be married to or the person you wish you were married to. Accept your spouse as they are, and work together to build a better, stronger marriage.

If you follow these four steps, there is a great chance you can mend your marriage and stop your divorce.

If you think need more help, then don't be afraid to look for it. It is available to you. There are many great systems out there to help fix what is broken in your marriage, but you need to be willing to give them a try.

If you think you need more help to stop your divorce and mend your marriage and would like to look into a great system, I highly recommend The Magic Of Making Up.
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