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Steps to follow during a vehicle collision

13th May 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Accident claims
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If you are both a car owner and driver, chances are you will be involved in a car accident at least once in your life.

A vehicle collision or a car accident is due to a lot of factors. Some of these are poor road conditions and infrastructure, median barrier, faulty auto parts, extreme weather conditions, alcohol influence, and negligence.

These are the common factors in hundreds of vehicle collisions in California. Wearing seatbelt, regular maintenance of vehicle, updating of road information, and obeying traffic rules at all times can spare you from such plight.

Providing a safe and secure baby seat in your car can benefit your infant. An advanced infant restraint system can further give protection for your child.

If you see a vehicle collision from afar, avoid the scene or search for other road course.

If you are already near the vehicle collision scene, don't stop or slow down; chances are you might suffer from a post collision accident. Proceed with your normal speed and follow all traffic rules and signals.

If the place is remote, and you are the only witness to the vehicle collision scene; pull over with enough distance from the scene. Survey the condition of the driver and the severity of the injury. Search for other passengers. Call 911 and answer all questions, including the location and condition of the injured people. Be careful when moving the bodies of the injured.

If you caused the collision and injured the other party, stop and identify yourself to the victims. If you fail do so, you can be charged of "hit and run" crime. Give the immediate help that you can, and call for proper authorities. Cooperate with the police officer, investigator, or paramedics in addressing the concerns of the victim/s. The police officer may ask you several documents like:

1. Identification card

2. Driver's license

3. Registration card

4. Proof of financial responsibility

Failure to show such proof may compel the police officer to charge you of $250 fine. Never run away from the victim, police officers will hunt you-- sooner or later. Follow carefully these steps:

1. Pull over. If you fail to pull over or move your vehicle to the side, the police officer will impound it.

2. If you hit a parked car, try to search for the owner. Inform the police officer within 24 hours and reveal your identity. If the owner cannot be found, leave a note, containing your personal information.

Remember that owning and driving a car entails obligations. Most car owners avail of insurance to cover emergency accident liabilities. If a car owner hits, injures, or kills a person, the insurance can serve as an evidence of financial responsibility. The coverage of insurance depends on the plan availed. The amount may range from
$5,000 to $15,000.

To help you deal with issues involved in a vehicle collision, consult with our skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyers. Visit our website and avail of our free case analysis.
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