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Spitalfield – Some of the Great Stalls You Will Find in Spitalfield

16th May 2011
By Matthew Mcliddy in Business Law
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The Spitalfield Market is no new London Attraction, but that does not stop people from coming here every single day to see what stalls are available. There are themed days to look forward to at the end of the week, but the beginning still offers a cultured mix of stalls to choose from. You can find stalls selling just about anything you want, but some of them have made more of a name for themselves than others. Here is a look at some of the most popular stalls in Spitalfield and why people love them so much.

Blueskin is one of the premiere stalls in Spitalfield, but you can only see it on Sundays. When you come though, you will instantly see why people love this place so much. The shirts printed here are simple in design, but they are made that way for a reason. The idea behind the line was to create cleanly displayed humour on shirts that anyone could wear. The colours used in this line are bold and edgy, but that is simply part of the charm of this attraction. Most people of the younger generation adore the clothes offered here.

Beatbug Art & Design is the stall to go to for art in Spitalfield. This stall was created in 2000 by an artist looking to share his clean, simple paintings with the world. His work is made on wood or canvas, but the artist has also been commissioned to make logos and other advertising elements for numerous companies. This success has greatly spawned form his stall at the Old Spitalfield Market, as well as the website he developed after the stall’s opening. If you have been looking for a bold piece of art to put in your home, you may find that right here.

The Olive Bar is just what it sounds like. It is the place to go for olive recipes in London, and the founders of the stall have won numerous food awards for the great tastes of their olive recipes. They take inspiration and ingredients from France, Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula and bring that taste and culture to the UK. You will feel like you are in the Mediterranean when you start to take a taste of the olives here, and you cannot deny the quality of the recipes here. All of the olives are marinated in herbs and then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for a fantastic taste that you cannot miss out on in Spitalfield.
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