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Simple Tips to Write a Personal Injury Demand Letter

19th April 2011
By Asif in Accident claims
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Writing a powerful personal injury demand letter can significantly improve your car accident claims. At the same time, you don't quite need to have a law degree or employ a costly personal injury attorney to write a strong demand letter.

Listed below are 5 things your demand letter should talk about.....

1. Explaining the Car Accident

Your demand letter has to start by describing how the accident took place .

On Friday July 1st, 2010 at around 5:00 PM, I was driving north on Caper Street heading east. As I drove past the intersection of Baker Street, your insurer drove in the intersection and rammed into the passenger side of my automobile.

Giving a detailed and vivid description of your accident will help emphasize the critical points that are significant to your accident claim.

Given that the number one aim of the demand letter is to convince the insurance company to give you more money, you need to focus on how the other car driver was the cause of your car accident. In order to do this, you need to present facts and evidence that clearly demonstrate the other vehicle owner was to blame for the accident. The more information you have that uphold your version of how the accident occurred, the higher your insurance settlement.

Precisely what facts do you need to include when writing a demand letter ?
The first place you should look is...

2. Traffic Violations

If the other vehicle owner violated any traffic laws (ex speeding or ran a red light), it's worthwhile to write them in your demand letter.

Whenever you can illustrate that the other driver disregarded any traffic laws, itís an obvious indicator of their fault. This makes the other car driver more liable for the car accident and helps your likelihood of getting a higher settlement.

Clearly, the other driver was liable for the accident given that the oncoming traffic has the right of way. Your insurer should have yielded before entering into my driving lane.

Next you should include several.....

3. Auto Accident Pictures

Including pictures from the auto accident site can really help show how badly your automobile was slammed by the other driver.

While you are writing a demand letter,you should use pictures to go into detail how the accident affected your car.

For example,
Did your car spin out of hand?
Did you crash into another car ?
Was your vehicle pushed off the street?

If your vehicle was so damaged that it had to be towed, include a picture of it in your demand letter. You can then reference the picture in your letter to make your damages appear more severe.

Additionally, as it can be clearly observed from the auto accident pictures, your insurer slammed into the passenger side of my vehicle. From the pictures of my damages, there's no question that your insurer was going faster than the permitted speed limit of 15 mph. As a result of being hit, my car had to be towed given that it was no longer drivable.

The next step you may want to do is....

4.Locate Witnesses

Having an eye witness from the car accident can really reinforce your demand letter.

If you were able to uncover witnesses from the accident scene, mention in your letter how many witnesses support your version of how the accident happened

In addition, If you were able to get a statement from a witness, include the most vital part in your letter.

Additionally, I have written statements from four witnesses who saw your insurer not stopping at the designated stop sign.

The last thing that you must mention in your demand letter is...

5. Read the Auto Accident Report

The auto accident report can be a reliable resource for your demand letter. It contains a summary of the how the collision took place as well as other valuable information. Before writing a demand letter, look at the report to check if there were any traffic violations by the other vehicle driver that can help your car accident claim.

As it is clearly written in the car accident report, your insurer said to the authorities that he didn't see the stop sign. As a result, he disregarded the traffic law and crashed into my vehicle.

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