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Second Citizenship Purchase Second Citizenship Dominica, Second Passport, Second Nationality

15th November 2010
By Search Engine in Immigration Law
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With the increased business opportunities in foreign countries more and more people are seeing dual citizenship as the best option for gaining easy access to multiple countries at the same time. Multiple citizenship or dual citizenship is the status where a person is legally regarded as the citizen under the laws of more than one country. Multiple citizenships exist because different countries use different, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, citizenship requirements. Acquiring citizenship ofmultiple nationalities can be extremely beneficial to those who want to stay in one country and invest for business in other country.

Dominica Citizenship:
With perfect weather conditions and first class offshore harbor for international business, Dominica has gained immense popularity as one of the favorite international business locations. Along with business, Dominica also offers secondary citizenship for the immigrants coming there for business. Persons looking for Dominica citizenship can avail the services of Second Citizenship Ltd. whose professionals are highly experienced persons offering the quicker and best services for acquiringDominica secondary citizenship or Dominica secondary passport. With well planned and properly executed services of Secondary citizenship acquiring citizenship of Dominica is very easy. The applicant just requires submitting all the necessary documents like application forms, supporting documents thats it! The professionals at Second Citizenship Ltd. will ensure that your documents are formally ordered and submitted to the government. They are committed to take all the necessary steps to ensure that application gets processed speedily. Once the documents are received by the government, these professionals will fix your interview with government officials as per your convenience anywhere in the world. Following the interview we will work with applicant and government at the same time for quicker processing of the applicant’s secondary citizenship of Dominica. A second passport from Dominica is also ideal for high value individuals seeking to retire to the Caribbean or avoid restrictive taxation laws in their own country. For these applicants, the Dominica citizenship offers zero taxation on foreign earnings, capital gains, wealth, gift and inheritance tax.

Secondary citizenship and Secondary passport:
Not only in Dominica, services of Second Citizenship Ltd. offer a wide range of opportunities for the people trying to gain citizenship of UK, England, Switzerland and other European countries. The dual citizenship programs offered by Second Citizenship Ltd. will offer the best professional second nationality services for the people who are migrating to United States, migrating to England or migrating to Europe. We offer the best secondary citizenship services for persons willing forresidence in United States, residence in European Union, residence in United Kingdom and residence in England. We also offer well laid services for gainingsecondary passport for tax planning in order to lessen the tax payable in other countries. There are certain countries where the chance of breakdown of law and order situation is high. In such cases we offer services for secondary passport for political risks for the people who wish to migrate to their native country to ensure physical and economic safety of themselves and their families. Our well planned services for secondary passport for security risks can be life saving in the cases where a person faces high security risks because of their native citizenship getting exposed.

Economic Citizenship Programme:
Dominica offers Economic Citizenship Programme for the people who wish to have citizenship of Dominica without the need to reside or even visit to Dominica. This Dominica Economic citizenship programme ensures a visa free entry to large number of countries including England and Switzerland. A person who becomes a citizen through the programme has full rights including to live and work in Dominica and to own land in the country. He cannot be deprived of citizenship except for fraud connected with his application. Second Citizenship Ltd. can help you with best services to avail this programme to gain maximum seconadry citizenship benefits.

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