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07th June 2011
By Angelo Dudley in Bankruptcy Law
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Under the 704 California bankruptcy exemptions you can shield the following property and equity:

Motor Auto-You can protect up to $2,725 in the value of motor cars. Beneath are some examples of how this exemptions performs:

If your motor vehicle is truly worth $10,000 and you owe $8,000 then there is $2,000 in equity in the car or truck. Below the bankruptcy exemptions you could safeguard the equity in the motor vehicle.

If you individual two cars that are completely compensated for and motor vehicle #1 is truly worth $1500 and auto #two is value $1000, then the complete equity in the automobiles is $2500. Underneath the bankruptcy exemptions you can protect the equity in equally cars given that the total is not previously mentioned the allowed motor automobile exemption of $two,725

Household furnishings, appliances and garments-Your family furnishings, and outfits are secured if they are normal and fairly crucial by you and your relatives. There is no particular sum for this exemption. You can protect all household furnishing, appliances and clothing as extended at they are ordinary and fairly essential by you and your family members.

Jewelry, heirlooms, and operates of art- You can protect up to $7,175 in the aggregate appeal of any jewelry, heirlooms or operates of art that you own.

Instruments Made use of for Do the job-You can secure up to $7175 in tools, instruments, furnishings, textbooks, and a single business motor car that are thought to be fairly crucial for working out your trade or occupation and are basically utilized to make a living. Your spouse can also use up to $7175 in instruments, instruments, and elements that are reasonably important for working out their profession and are employed to generate a residing.

Retirement Strategies-Public retirement rewards and private retirement options are exempt which includes IRA's and revenue sharing strategies constructed for retirement.

Household Equity- The equity in the household were your reside can be secured up the subsequent total:
  • If you are a single person with no one else residing in your property then you can protect up to $75,000 in equity in the house.

  • If you are married and your spouse resides with you then you can defend up to $a hundred,000 in equity in your home.

  • If you care and preserve any of the following in your home then you can shield up to $one hundred,000 in equity in your property (if they have no interest in the property):
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    1. your small boy or girl or grandchild or that of your husband or wife, or the minor little one or grandchild or your deceased husband or wife or former husband or wife,

    2. minor brother or sister of you or your spouse, or minor boy or girl of your deceased brother or sister of you or your spouse,

    3. your or your spouse's father, mother or grandparents, or the father, mother, or grandparents of a deceased partner.

    4. An unmarried relative who is explained over and who is through the age of 18, but is unable to care or provide help on their own.

  • If you or your partner is 65 decades or older then you can defend up to $175,000 in equity in your residence.

  • If you are 55 a long time of age or older and you make less than $15,000 a yr gross income or you are married and your combined revenue is significantly less than $twenty,000 then you can guard up to $175,000 in equity in your dwelling.

  • If you are physically or mentally disabled then you can guard up to $175,000 in equity in your dwelling.

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