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Reclaiming Your Economic Life

13th October 2010
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So when things get towards the bottom of the hill and about to crash, then they go looking for help. They look for a lawyer.

The first place to look for a lawyer might be among your friends or relatives. You might be shocked to learn how many of them have had to reorganize their finances. If your family and friends have been lucky, then you can always search out the internet.

Most lawyers have their own web sites, and if they don't, they often are on the bar association's web site.

Not trusting the web? Try asking at any church or civic groups you belong to. In time you will come up with a number of qualified names.

Then you can interview them. Yes, you can interview your prospective lawyer. Why not? You must be your own best advocate.

Your lawyer may have some conservative advice for you, such as reduce your expenses and go on a budget, or sell some assets, or get a second job.

Or the advice may be to file a consumer bankruptcy filing, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. With Chapter 7 you sell off your assets and repay the creditors as best as you can. With Chapter 13, you create a schedule of repayments and keep some assets.

Working with your lawyer can be the first step in reclaiming your economic life. Don't wait until you tumble to the bottom of the hill.

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