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PSI Inspection,Pre Shipment Inspection

27th July 2010
By indiainternet in Business Law
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Ravi energie Inc. supports manufacturers of energy generation and distribution equipment with testing and certification solutions for access to global markets. Whether you're engaged in fossil fuel or renewable energy development, Ravi energie Inc.'s speed and expertise in all aspects of testing, inspection, and certification and consulting helps you gain a competitive edge.

Ravi energie Inc. offers fast, expert product testing, inspection and certification solutions through our global network of accredited laboratories. We conduct electrical safety testing, EMC testing to local or global requirements, benchmarking and performance testing for R&D or competitive differentiation, environmental compliance to ENERGY requirements, and turnkey certification management.

Ravi energie Inc. is a global service provider for technical verification, inspection and testing, and has the necessary experience, expertise and accreditations to provide Pre-Shipment Inspection. Ravi energie Inc. experts perform a detailed inspection for exporters/importers of the industrial sector, covering important criteria such as quality, quantity, marking, packing and loading. Our Pre-Shipment Inspection offers our customers the certainty that goods arriving to their place of destination are in compliance with the agreements specified in the contract.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection is concerned with the quality and quantity of the product.

The physical inspection of goods is an integral part of the procedures adopted by PSI Companies to ensure that the prices indicated by the exporter in the invoice reflect the true value of the goods and that there is no under- or over-invoicing. Such inspections assure importers that the goods they have ordered meet contractual specifications and quality standards, thereby reducing possibilities for dispute after the goods arrive at destination. These inspections also prevent the import of products that are considered harmful to health and therefore cannot be sold (e.g. banned chemicals and pharmaceutical products, substandard food products) in the exporting countries.

A Chartered Engineer's (CE) Certification is required to export old or used Plants and Machinery to India. SGNCO is appointed by Government of India, to provide CE Certification. The inspection of the machinery is conducted prior to shipment. It gives an opinion in form of a Chartered Engineer's Certificate, which includes condition and balance life of machinery, current market value for assessment of duty, contents including spare parts, etc. It is mandatory to produce this certificate during customs clearance for such goods in India.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is inspection of goods being exported before their shipment by a mandated Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Agency. This agency carries out verification of quality, quantity, price, which includes currency exchange rate and financial term, & customs classification for the destination country and then issues a certificate with these details. The agency is also known as PSIC. The scope of a PSI Agency includes Packing & Marking and Supervision of Loading.

With Ravi energie Inc.'s unique global network, we are able to act as the independent inspection agency that's just around the corner, and do so in virtually every harbor and airport around the world. Our infrastructure and world-wide locations makes it easier for customers to use our provided Pre-Shipment Inspection services.
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