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Personal Injury Lawyers Causing More Problems

24th August 2010
By addia maddi in Personal Injury
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When it comes to numbers you could be someone who collects and recollects certain digits that may come off as extraordinary. It is in the United States where the federal debt is $8 trillion and $28,000 is the average for every family in America. When this happens, it is scary. There is another number which is scarier. There have been about a million lawyers who passed the United States bar. When you would like to get more information on personal injury lawyers check out this site.

Long ago, there has not been a number as big as a million for lawyers. A million lawyers is not an easy thing with any civilization. There is still no changing the fact that we also need lawyers at times. The lawyers we need include prosecuting attorneys, corporate lawyers, defense attorneys, patent lawyers, and contract lawyers to name a few. Depending on the services they provide, in a class by themselves are the personal injury lawyers and class action lawyers.

It is believed by the religious people that every sin translates to a direct punishment from God. Thousands of years ago, God sent a flood that wiped out everything and everyone but Noah and a chosen few. Holding the Jews in bondage caused God to then send the seven plagues of Egypt. Almost half of the population of Europe was killed by the black plague during the Middle Ages. God sending personal injury lawyers to the United States can easily dwarf biblical floods and plagues when it comes to punishments.

When it comes to personal injury lawyers, their forte is of course injuries. For rest and relaxation is why a man to be called BC decided to go to the city of Brooklyn, take this as an example. BC was in the midst of getting his R&R when he was hit on the head by some massive boobs that he said belonged to a dancer. The sudden impact of these fearful projectiles left BC bruised, contused, and lacerated. The compensation demanded by BC's lawyer for indignity, emotional stress, and mental anguish is $200,000. Being hit with 57 inch bosoms may have been the cause for the emotional stress and mental anguish of BC. This site teaches you about melbourne workers compensation lawyer.

When a Canadian was visiting New York City, he decided to enjoy a cup of coffee at a very popular coffee house in Manhattan. A visit to the toilet was also in order. He needed some toilet paper afterwards and reached for it. What happened next was that his seat shifted unexpectedly causing his manhood to be clamped against the toilet bowl causing serious pain. The wife is suing them because of the loss of his marital services and this amounts to $500,000 in damages other than the one million dollars already being demanded by his lawyer. When it comes to this the bizarre thing is how the wife values his manhood less.

Nowadays, not much responsibility is claimed by people for what they do. It was a man from Pensacola, Fla who decided to go drinking with friends. On the railroad tracks was where he ended up passed out as he wandered in the wee hours of the night after a lot of drinking with a lot of his friends.

He did not see it coming, there was a train and his right hand was severed. Is it terrible? Obviously, the man sued the railroad for negligently running a train down their railroad tracks while he was sleeping on them. His settlement amounted to $900,000.
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