Patients Suffering From Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia Have Grounds To Pursue Legal Action

08th February 2011
By Roger Design in Medical Malpractice
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If you've suffered from gastrointestinal problems such as intense heartburn for a long period of time, it's possible that at one point you were prescribed the medication Reglan to treat these problems. Reglan, also known as metoclopramide, was once commonly used by individuals that had gastrointestinal conditions. But now that there is research that indicates taking Reglan can lead to bigger health issues, most people are opting for another treatment.

The most severe result of Reglan use is an involuntary muscle disorder known as Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia. The symptoms of this disorder include lip smacking, facial grimacing, protruding tongue, involuntary eye blinking, pain in the hands and limbs and more. As these symptoms worsen, they become very difficult to live with and can be embarrassing to those who suffer from Tardive Dyskinesia, especially in public. However, those that are living with Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia now feel as if they have an opportunity to get some form of restitution for their condition. There are financial settlements being won in Reglan lawsuits all over the country.

Once the studies were released that linked the drug to Tardive Dyskinesia, there was an immediate outcry from former Reglan patients, specifically those already diagnosed with the disorder. They rightfully feel that the makers of Reglan should have made it clear to them prior to taking the drug that they were putting themselves at great risk of Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia. When that can be proven in a court of law, as it has been frequently in recent years, these individuals receive financial compensation for their suffering. This doesn't alleviate the debilitating symptoms of their condition but it does make it easier to live their day to day lives. They will be able to put that settlement towards their medical bills and as well as other expenses if they are no longer able to work.

This is the least the makers of Reglan can do for these people but they aren't coming forward on their own to do so. That's why it's so vital to file a Reglan law suit if you feel your Tardive Dyskinesia was caused by your Reglan use. However, you should be wary of attorneys that claim they can successful take your case to court that have no experience in Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia lawsuits. These cases are very complex and require an attorney that understands the drug, the disease and the requirements for successful Reglan lawsuits.
If you are suffering from severe movement disorders because of the prescription drug Reglan, then you should seek legal help as soon as possible. With the Reglan Information and Support Center, you'll not only have the opportunity to learn more about Reglan and its side effects
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