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Office Window Cleaning

25th May 2011
By Samantha Dale in Business Law
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The appearance and cleanliness of your surroundings are critically important to the office, staff and for the clients alike. Dirty windows can be unfavorable to a company's image; Professional and regular window cleaning will eliminate this problem.

Professional window cleaning includes cleaning each pane of glass thoroughly drying and buffed by hand. Getting into the right into the edges and corners ensures a streak-free window. Part of each cleaning includes wiping down the frames and sills of each window system. There are many cleaning Services that are constantly following methods and procedures to ensure the most up to date equipment and technology are available. Window cleaning can be potentially unsafe and the cleaning agencies require a fully compliant health and safety legislation. Industrial, Commercial & Domestic cleaning: Offices, schools, library’s etc including office cleaning and domestic cleaning undertake commercial cleaning. Gutter cleaning, pressure washing and canopy cleaning are amongst the other specialist cleaning services that one can try. Commercial & Domestic window cleaning: For office and home window cleaning services one can use traditional cleaning methods as well as modern access and wash system, which makes areas up to 65ft reachable. Some of the cleaning methods need access to abseiling, cradles, traditional ladders, safety harnesses, cherry pickers, and the Reach and Wash water-fed pole system. Reach and Wash pole system utilizes the latest in water-purification technology and provides to access and reach heights more than 80ft from the ground. This system reduces risk, saves time and most significantly saves money.

Office window cleaning needs a comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance services. Professional window cleaning includes, testing and certification, safety latchway (man-safe) testing, Eyebolt installation, pressure washing, floor and carpet cleaning, and general estate maintenance. Cleaning of office windows requires the most appropriate method in each circumstance. Including the use of Specialized Ladders gives an access up to a height of 5m, use of harness safety bolts, hydraulic platforms, cradles are suitable for exterior access to all types of offices up to heights of 50 meters. Water-fed poles are used to clean buildings that are above 10m high. Cleaners follow strict safety guidelines, rules and regulations. With the initiation of Working at Height Regulations act of 2005 commercial window cleaning contractors have to adopt more thorough safety rules. One of the main rules is eliminating the use for ladders and high equipment. If the commercial window cleaners are currently cleaning your premises in the usual way using ladders to reach higher floors, make sure it falls in the Working at Height 2005 regulation. Another point to be noted is when paying money to have your windows cleaned using the conventional method, and unlike many competitors hold Employers and Public Liability Insurance。

Always choose professional window cleaners, who are experienced, fully insured, fully trained and certified people.

We have often used a window cleaning south Melbourne company to clean our windows. They said they get most of their window cleaning business from repeat customers.
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