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Moving to Canada for a Better Future

30th March 2010
By Charles101 in Immigration Law
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Around 22000 new jobs were added in Canada in December 2009 as four months consecutively and according to the Statistics Canada, more jobs are expected to be added in the coming months. The Statistics Canada conducted out a survey on the payroll employment and they tracked the number of paid job and position on the basis of the Tax return information filed to the Canada Revenue Agency by the employers. The number of workers and employees required supercede the number of current employees. It is in times like these that skilled and educated people move to Canada.

Since August of 2009, the construction sector has increased by 2.4% and other industries related to construction have also seen job growths or minor declines. The Canadian Prime Minister announced in January 2010 of the upcoming construction work that needs to be taken care of. The demand and requirement for skilled workers will reach high time in the months of April and May as the Infrastructure Stimulus Programs that were introduced by the Canadian government will come into affect. This is best time to move to Canada as the target of the rising toll of the required construction and skilled workers are met with the help of Canadian Immigration.

There are various skill and technical workers required with vocational training for jobs such as plumbers, electricians, welders, tile setters, plasterers, crane operators and construction supervisors. People who have the skills and the training can move to Canada and work. There are jobs such as in banks and businesses that can also be availed in Canada. The technical requirements of the Canada Visa and work permits are some of the requirements that need to be taken care of.

There are countless agencies that provide their services to people who move to Canada to work by providing them list of potential jobs based on their qualification, skill and experience. Public administration and transportation and warehousing are the only two professions where jobs were declined in December 2009.
Applying for a work permit with a working Canadian Visa requires the people to move to Canada to work. Other technical requirements need to be taken care of such as in case of moving to Canada the person must have an appointment letter and all the paper work ready. So, pay attention to the all the rules and formalities and get ready to move to Canada for a better future.

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