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Motorcycles And Accidents

24th October 2011
By WayneHess in Accident claims
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An autopsy will greatly assist investigators by providing additional evidence to piece together the details of the accident. Remember, just because you ride a motorcycle and that doesn't mean you have fewer rights than they do. A green sheet called an FR-10 will be used by the police to document the accident. These are important documents for your insurance company and your personal injury attorney. But in two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving multiple vehicles, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcyclist's right-of-way. Motorcycle accidents are often different than your average car accident. Road hazards and debris are more dangerous for motorcycles. They are not ready for a motorcycle to zip around them. If a motorist makes a quick lane change it is over for you and your motorcycle. Then it is time to call a personal injury attorney. Even worse than riding without a license is riding without professional training. 90% of bike accidents come from riders who were self-taught or taught by friends. Professional motorcycle training will reduce the risk of an motorcycle accident. Even if you only have a few pieces of information from your accident, consider a free consultation with a personal injury attorney with expertise in traffic accidents in your area.

However, in the opinion of an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, motorcycle crashes can sometime be among the most devastating as the driver of the bike is subject to major medical problems because their vehicle is much smaller than others on the road. If the case is successful, meaning that the injured person obtains a fair settlement or wins a favorable verdict at trial, the personal injury attorney has his or her fees paid from a percentage of the settlement or verdict. Lets just face the facts about the dangers of riding a motorcycle, a motorcycle crash does not happen very often, just about 4 percent of all crashes with vehicles are a motorcycle crash. This means that there was no other vehicle involved in the crash and the riders caused there own accidents. Another myth about motorcycle crash is that they almost always happen at night, while in fact more then seventy percent of all motorcycle crashes happened in day time. Most bike riders are much less cautious when they drive at these speeds because they think they will be able to intervene and to avoid problems. The combination of high speeds, less reaction time and alcohol is a lethal because you are much less protected when you drive a motorcycle then a car. When these abilities are put to good use, we feel delighted and fulfilled - and riding motorcycles becomes an enjoyable and exciting experience.

You should obey traffic signals and know when to stop or proceed at junctions or crossroads. However, it pays to heed the warnings on the road and ride safely to avoid motorcycle accidents that could result to injury or damage. The wheels of the motorcycle are always in a weak position whenever the road is slippery, making bikers accident-prone. Perhaps when you encounter an accident like this, the last thing on your mind is to fill out necessary forms and reports and undergo police investigations asking about the incident. First off, keep a clear record in your mind of all the scratches, bruises, broken bones, and other injuries in case you have to file a compensation claim against the other party, especially if you know that the crash is not your fault but the other party's.
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