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Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

12th May 2010
By Penelope Stone in Legal
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Car accidents occur every day all over the world. Knowing some of the common causes of car accidents can possibly help a driver avoid having an accident. There are many causes of auto accidents. Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents.

Car Accidents Caused By Driver Error
The most common cause for auto accidents is driver error. Driver error consists of following too closely behind another vehicle, driving at excessive speeds, failure to yield to another vehicle, disregarding traffic signals and unsafe passing. Car accidents caused by driver error can be reduced if driver's paid more attention to traffic laws and driver safety.

Driver Distraction Caused Car Accidents
It is very important for a driver's attention not to become diverted from the road as this increases the chances of having a car accident. There are many things that can cause a driver to be distracted such as children inside the vehicle, something on the side of the road, changing music and using a cell phone. Drivers should try to avoid distractions such as practicing pulling off the road to use their cell phone.

Car Accidents Caused By Bad Weather
Bad weather is also another common cause of car accidents. Bad weather can cause an auto accident by reducing visibility and diminishing traction on the road surface. When a driver is traveling in bad weather they should exercise caution. Some of those conditions are heavy rains, strong winds, and black ice.

Vehicle Defects Can Cause Car Accidents
A vehicle defect can be another common cause of car accidents. A vehicle defect is when something fails on the driver's vehicle such as a tire blowout, mechanical failure, or brake failure. There are other vehicle defects that can sometimes cause auto accidents such as poor vehicle design or a manufacturing defect that causes the vehicle not to work properly.

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