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Lemon Cars

13th May 2011
By laurencemodithre in Lemon Law
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In US, many rich individuals change the cars they use very often. Mainly, it is because most of them look after on what is new and trendy. So, to get rid of their former car, they sell it to buy-and-sell car shops. Meanwhile, there are some users who are forced to sell their cars due to financial problems.

As an effect, more and more used cars are being stocked on vacant lots that serve as a showroom or display of second-hand cars for sale. Cars that function well and almost look new are likely to be offered by dealers at a high price. In contrast, those that are offered at an affordable cost or being bargained probably have something wrong with it.

Usually, cheap used cars are considered as lemon cars. These cars probably contain damaged parts that cause its poor performance. Most people donít want it because it may cost much for repair and may also be time consuming. Lemon cars are usually sold by former users at a salvage value. Unfortunately, some dealers pretend that a damaged car functions well by showing performance tests that do not really determine the real quality of the car.

Lemon cars are usually found on illegal dealers. When planning to buy an affordable car with a good quality, a buyer must first make sure to prefer only dealers that offer reliable transactions like the used car dealerships Barrie has.

There is a certain state law, called the Lemon Law, which protects buyers from dealers who take advantage of the buyerís lack of information in car technology. This law can be used to file a case to a dealer who sold a used car without informing the buyer of its defects and actual value. Used car dealerships in Barrie, for example, abide to this law to maintain the credibility of the business.

In some cases, a dealer may be also unaware that it has sold a lemon car. When a sold car was realized to be a damaged one after the buyer used it for a short period only, the dealer is still liable for this problem and certain corrective procedures should be done with the buyer. As a suggestion, choose a dealer like used car dealerships in Barrie that offers warranty of the purchased car.
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