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Learn more about filling your income tax return

14th April 2011
By reena in Taxes
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The tax is a very important part of the country one stays in as it not only helps the nation in a wide variety of types the tax helps growth of proper public opportunity and the transport system and the infrastructure is also maintained and developed or modernized through the money or the finance collected through tax. The tax is of many types and can attract a lot of tension if the filling is not done properly or if it is handled carelessly and if the individual forgets to mention something it can create a very tensed situation if the person comes in the raider of the tax checkers then it can be a definite problem that can be expected. So to understand the last date for filing income tax returns are extremely important for the individual.

Dates that is to be remembered of all starts with 30th of June for people with salaried income however the last date for individuals with a businesses income is dated for 31 August. The tax filling is wide and diverse and so the tax is also created in a way to place in people of all categories. The people who file a non audit able accounts for tax returns has been extended from July 31st to 31st of October so the dead line is extended and the individuals are given enough time to frame up and file their tax returns so as to avoid any kind of inconvenience by the tax checkers.

The individuals who belong to the salaried section and the people who earn their income or make their living through the properties and the capital gains are expected to file their return by the month of July 31st and if the filing of the tax is a little delayed then the individuals will have to pay the interest on the taxes that will be due on them. The income tax slab is also the most important part that is to be seen while the return is taken into account so the slab of income tax is of great importance. The tax filling is thus very important to the topic of tax. It is these dates that decide the factor of the nation wide people. The filling dates as mentioned for India has been the same for a very long time and this to avoid any kind of confusion when the fragile topic of tax is concerned.

Know more about last date for filing income tax returns and income tax slab
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