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Learn About Wonderful Retirement Home Accommodations

07th February 2012
By Sarah Dowling in Family Law
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It takes time to come to the realization that a retirement home is the right choice.

As children, one of our main obligations is to take care of our parents as they age and become less able to take care of themselves. In the beginning this is a very easy process because we simply help them out with things that are a little tough for them to do such as shopping, cleaning, and preparing meals. The length of time family is able to help out effectively is different for each and every person, however at some point we're going to have to acquiesce to the idea that our parents need to be placed in a retirement home where they can get the care and the attention they deserve and require.

Keep your senior in mind when searching for a senior care facility.

Searching for an independent living facility can be a daunting task because on the surface and in brochures many of them look the same and appear to offer all of the same accommodations and services. This is certainly not the case, which is why many residents are very unhappy in the independent living community they have chosen or that their family has chosen for them. Not only is an ineffective facility a waste of money, but it can also have lasting effects on a senior and his or her family. When somebody is unhappy with their stay at a senior care facility it can also affect their health and their relationships with their loved ones. It is for this reason you must do everything you can to make sure you choose the facility that is best for your loved one and yourself. They must offer all the right services and deliver on all their promises. The staff must be accommodating, caring and capable and the facility itself must be clean, free of any legal issues and willing to bend over backwards to provide the best possible experience for your senior’s retirement years.

When searching for the right retirement home, the more choices they offer the better it is for you.

In life there are many things that are better when simplified, but an assisted living facility is not one of them. In fact, the more choices of accommodations, amenities and services they offer the better off you and your senior will be. Look for a facility that allows you to choose the type of room offered and make sure they will allow your loved on to decorate it as they see fit. It is extremely important that the senior feel at home in their new home and if that means papering the walls with 65 years’ worth of family photos they should be allowed to do so. You should be able to choose your bed size or even choose to have a hospital bed in the room. You should also be allowed to choose to live privately or with a roommate. And every room should have its own private closet and bathroom. Also be sure to look for an in-room emergency call system.

In fact, this should be present in the bathroom as well. The rooms should also offer climate control so that your senior can make it comfortable for themselves. On top of these basic living accommodation choices, you should be able to pick and choose additional services to go above and beyond the general services, like housekeeping and medication management, that are offered to all residents. Some things to look for are transportation services, on-site physical therapy; room service should the senior feel like skipping the social aspect of dining sometimes, help with hygiene and dressing and any additional things that may be necessary for your loved one.

Where should you begin your search for the right assisted living or independent living facility?

As with most things these days, your search should most likely start with the internet. You can find many retirement homes within a reasonable driving distance of your home if you do a search for “assisted living” or “independent living” and add your town before or after those words. You could also request information from your parents’ health insurance company or from any local rehabilitation center or hospital. Most of those places actually work closely with the local senior homes and know them well. Once you are armed with a list of locations, take the time to visit each of them so that you get a good sense of how they operate and the overall mood of the residents. This will help you narrow down your choices should each facility offer the same level of care and services. Once you have your list down to two or three, then invite your senior to join you in a tour. It is important for your loved one to have a say in this transition. It will do wonders for your relationship down the road.

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