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Latest Information About Company Information and Registration in India and Abroad

14th June 2010
By goyalchaman in Business Law
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Company incorporation is one of the legal services of corporate world that are regulated by the Companies Act, 1956. At present there are many law services, already in the high demand by the corporate sector in India. As we all know about India and business opportunities that makes whole world attracts towards it. This brings company law firms of India on the top of the list. Not only Indian companies but all other who are coming to India for business activities make their way towards Indian company law firms that helps them in making smooth business functioning. There are many rules and laws for incorporation of companies for both private and public and opening branch offices of foreign corporations in India that are laid down by The Companies Act of 1956.

The approval of the name by the Registrar of companies is the first step for the formation of a company in India. For this there are some conditions like there should not be an existing company of that name apart from this is the case of public company the last word of company's name should be limited and for private company's the last word should be private. Every country has different rules and regulations for formation of company. Like company formation in India is like making an official application to concerned authority for approval of application in order to company incorporation. There are many legal formalities like approval of full company name, eou registration, its business activities, area of operation means, domestic or international, the principal address of the company and many more things have to be mentioned with the register office of companies during the formation of a company.

Before company formation or incorporation, registration of firm or company is very important that will be first step to bring your dreams comes true. firm registration is one of the powerful tools of the corporate world that comes under the protection legal programs that protects other people from using the name of other firm or company already registered. Therefore, it is very necessary to get registration of your firm before it stolen by other third party. In every country you will find some different kind of rules and regulations. india company registration consists one of the easiest procedures as compared to other countries as here you will number of registrar offices scattered in different states of the nation for registering a firm in India.

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