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K3 Marriage Visa: An Introduction and Overview

02nd August 2010
By raj in Immigration Law
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A K3 marriage visa is a simple document granting nonresident, non citizens of the United States the ability to enter and take up residence in the United States with the sponsorship of a married spouse. K3 marriage visas also extend this benefit to the children of the married spouse, allowing for families to travel to the United States from overseas. It is granted as a stopgap measure while the family applies for permanent residence, while not necessarily citizenship. A K3 marriage visa applies to a married spouse and all children under the age of 21 so long as those children are not married themselves.

A K3 marriage visa allows individuals under it to apply for employment, which can be a great boon to any large family getting ready for a big move from one nation to another. A K3 marriage visa is distinct from other documents allowing for immigration, as it provides specifically for individuals with spouses in the United States, unlike K1 or other visas. Applications for a K3 marriage visa can speed up the process of gaining access to the United States, making them an excellent choice for families in a hurry, perhaps those pursuing a business opportunity or leaving an untenable situation elsewhere. The employment benefits apply to all individuals under the visa, allowing all children of the two spouses the same employment permissions their non citizen parent possesses.

While K3 marriage visas are complicated to acquire, requiring much back-and-forth document trading between the spouses and immigration bureaucracy, they are more accessible than some other documents. More often than not, calling an attorney is not even necessary. While this is not typical for all immigration proceedings, a K3 marriage visa is intended to be accessible to all families split across national borders. It is a priority of immigration services to unite families with ease, which is why K3 marriage visas are easier to acquire than K1 visas, and do not require a separate K2 visa for the spouses' children.

The citizen spouse must be able to demonstrate their citizenship. Furthermore, the local police must not object to the move. Any previous marriages will require proof of annulment or divorce. The individual or individuals moving into the United States must provide documentation of medical examination for health purposes and the risk of introducing exotic pathogens into the United States. A valid passport is also required for the spouse and any children that they wish to bring into the United States. These documents, thankfully, are often possessed in advance, and those that aren't are not difficult to acquire on short notice to complete an application.

Over time, a K3 marriage visa can be converted into a permanent green card for non citizen residents. Application for a K3 marriage visa can greatly reduce delays in attaining citizenship and uniting families across national borders. Without applying for a K3 visa, attaining legal residence in the United States can take up to multiple years, which is an untenable situation for a working family without employment rights in the United States of America.

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