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Is your domain name safe from the hacker? And do you need a Domain Attorney in Mediterranean.

26th March 2010
By Daniel Smith in Internet Law
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You have a website and that must be registered somewhere through a domain name register who is authorized. But do you know as you domain name/ registrant who is listed?

A domain name registrar is a company or an organization that has the responsibility to provide domain name registration service. The domain name registrar should authorized by its government or by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, a dedicated organization of Internet governance) to give registration services within a specific TLD (Top Level Domain). And the registrar also has the responsibility to create a WHOIS database and also have to maintain the database for the customers.

Now here is a question: Is your domain protected?

There are number of companies are facing with the same problem as they have lost the control of their domain names. They failed to protect their domain name from the hacker and scammer.

What are the necessary steps to protect your domain?

1. Control your login name password and the domain account number: the domain account and password detail is set the owner when the domain owner makes the registration with the registrar. You always have to keep secret your domain details like username and password. Each and every valid registrar has system to recover your password if you forget it. Every time if there is any changes happen with your domain details then you will get the alert or the information at your listed email address. Some time hackers uses the login page tools to hack your account make sure your password is alphanumerical and with upper and lower case. Until and unless you activate your account from the activation mail you get at your email address your account will not be activated.

2. Keep domain registration information safe: In order to control your domain Always provide all the valid information like, address and contact number. To secure its domain name mane organization and company hires inter service provider or web developer. In order to control your domain name you should control your domain information at the registrar level.

3. Domain name is locked: your domain name registrar should allow you to lock your domain if they are authorized. You can see if your domain is locked from the WHOIS database.

4. Check domain registration information on a regular basis: Regularly check your domain registration information from WHOIS database that your address and contact information is appropriate or not.

5. Beware of spammers: If you are receiving any email related to your domain registration that asks to provide your registration details, always beware of that mail as it can be a spam mail and if you give any response that means your are giving your domain details to other so be certain while your providing such information and renew your domain registration on time

6. Find a Mediterranean Domain Attorney and establish your domain as a trademark: Most of the laws of domain names are designed to ensure that the company is entitled to own your domain name. These domain laws are directly linked to the trade mark rights in the words that have been used as your domain name. An appropriate trademark office will give you enormous influence to protect your domain name in cyberspace if you register your company or the domain name with them.

Now if you lose your domain name in Mediterranean then just contact with a Mediterranean Domain Attorney who experienced in this area. There are certain laws that might help you to get your domain name back.
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