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Information on Aberdeen

08th December 2010
By Joe in Estate Planning
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Adaptations for people with disabilities:
A grant at a minimum of 80% of eligible costs may be available to adapt an existing personal house to meet the needs of a resident who is handicapped. A grant of 100% may be accessible qualified upon qualification over certain welfares.

In the first instance the applier must contact the Occupational Therapy Service to ensure that they are fully appraised as to their personalized requirements.
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Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland, with over two hundred thousand individuals in the central region of the city.
Well-known as the Granite City, Aberdeen is recognized for fantastically beautiful cityscape. Aberdeen is one of the thirty largest cities in all of the United Kingdom, and is one of the essential locations for North Sea Oil drilling.


The economy of Aberdeen played off of the shoreline, using fishing and shipbuilding as superior economic industries. While those still play a function in today’s Aberdeen economical system, a mass of the economic system balances on Oil Drilling off of the shoring’s of the city. Some refer to Aberdeen as the Crude Oil Capital of Europe because of the global attention and strong Oil industry that has thrived in the region since the early seventies.

City Council Officers are accountable for monitoring the consideration of private sector lodging stock and determining that private sector homes are kept in a comforting state of mending and meet the tolerable standard.

Officers have powers to enforce proprietors to take implements with regard to the following:

* Designating and fulfilling housing renewal areas.
* Applying, fix, advance and demolition of private sector households.
* Enforcing the upkeep of private sector households.
* Licensing of households in multiple occupancy.
* Registration of private sector landlords.

For advice on these matters please contact the Environmental Protection Service.
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All secondary schools provide career training and career guidance in partnership with Careers Scotland. For info concerning to specify schools or your own sons or daughters you should contact the school directly.

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Teaching is something that is important in Aberdeen, as proven by the 2 different universities in the city. Aberdeen is place to both Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen. The University of Aberdeen is incredibly historical, in the first place known as the King’s College and founded in 1495. Robert Gordon’s College is also historical, started in 1729. Those looking for more profound and accomplished learning will want to find out Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen College, and the Scottish Agricultural College.
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