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23rd February 2011
By jaimegardner05 in Immigration Law
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Immigration lawyers, also sometimes called immigration attorneys are highly important for helping you with legal issues surrounding immigration. An immigration attorney is trained to specialise in law dealing with this aspect and so has a far greater depth of knowledge than a lawyer with no specialisation. Someone who has no law specialisation for instance may be adept in many aspects of law, but not particularly skilled in any one particular area. As such it is highly important to use immigration lawyers to increase your chances of getting all of the relevant information.
To find an immigration lawyer you can look online and in various directories. Check the websites and see whether they look professional and trustworthy, but more important make sure that you actually meet in person to ensure that you get on with them and that they seem reliable. If you can get in touch with a lawyer vouched for by a friend or family member who has used them then this will greatly help your chances of finding one that is reliable and pleasant to work with. You will of course also want to speak with them about their terms and get a rough quote. It may be that they will only charge you in cases where the case has been successful.

But what is it that they are actually useful for? And what situations could you find yourself in that would call upon their services?
For one an immigration lawyer can help you to get into the country in the first place. They will help you to fill out the forms correctly and in such a way that your application is more likely to be successful and to be handled quickly and efficiently.
Another scenario where you might need immigration lawyers could be where you need to answer immigration marriage interview questions. These are questions posed to married couples where one party is hoping to gain entry into the country in order to reside with their partner. The questions then are aimed at ascertaining whether you are in fact legally married and how you intend to live when you're abroad. Consulting with lawyers before hand here can prepare you for the kinds of questions that will come up and ensure that you have all of the relevant documentation you will need. Even if you are unsure about whether or not to move, speaking with a lawyer can help you to understand precisely what it would involve and thus to make a more informed decision as a result.

In other scenarios you might already be living in another country and need advice while out there. For instance if you are facing deportation then you will need lawyers in order to help you fight your case and so stay in the country. Likewise if you find out you have been living illegally in a country and face immigration jail, then they can help you to avoid a sentence. At a deportation hearing they can not only provide you with the information you need, but also actually defend you in court.
There are countless other scenarios where using an attorney can also be useful. For instance they can help employers who are facing trouble having employed illegal immigrants unknowingly. Otherwise it could be helpful for gap year students looking to get a visa to remain in a country for a year.

There are many situations where an immigration attorney is useful. For immigration lawyers for migrating to Canada follow the links.
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