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If You Need Help with the Legal Foreclosure Process a Lawyer or Attorney Can Help

24th November 2009
By attorneysbndksv in Real Estate Law
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When you find yourself in the throes of foreclosure, help can seem unobtainable. There are many organizations that offer programs for those who need help in the foreclosure process. The internet is a great place to access information on these organizations. Many government and non-government agencies will offer this if you need help in the foreclosure process free of charge. Others are in the foreclosure business to make a profit. There are still others that are considered fraudulent and will take advantage of a desperate home owner. The best way to arm yourself against these harmful organizations is through research.
The HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) web site is a great source of information when you need help in the foreclosure process. They will give you contact information for HUD approved counselors. These counselors will be able to review your current situation and give specific advice of options that will help your situation.

Many law firms specialize in helping those in need of help in the foreclosure process. The law firm will provide an attorney to help you form a foreclosure defense, if necessary. They can review your current mortgage agreement and determine if predatory lending was factor. While there will be a cost involved in hiring a lawyer to help in the foreclosure process, an attorney can better determine you legal options in dealing with the foreclosure and helping to save your home.

You can use the option to consult an attorney, as well as exploring the free assistance options available to you.

A foreclosure of your house can possibly lead into a bankruptcy, so a lawyer can help to avoid the foreclosure but also to give assistance in the event a bankruptcy filing becomes necessary.

There are also many private companies that will contact you once the foreclosure process is started. These companies claim to assist those in need of help in the foreclosure process, but caution needs to be used as they don’t always have your best interest at heart. Many of these companies profit from the misfortune of others and are not always legitimate. Be wary of people offering easy solutions to your problems. Never sign anything that you don’t understand. Always ask informed questions and don’t agree to work with any one company without first doing research on their history. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for checking the validity of these companies.

When you need help in the foreclosure process, it is readily available, but you have to go after it and find it. Talk to your lender. They are the best source for finding help in the foreclosure process. Make sure you talk to the lender early on in the process. There are more assistance programs that are available if you have only missed 1-2 payments. The farther behind you get the less help in the foreclosure process is available. They have as much at stake in your foreclosure as you do. Research found that lending institutions lose an average of fifty to sixty thousand dollars for every foreclosure. They are in the mortgage loan business, not owning or selling houses. It is in their best interest to help you save your house and keep them out of the foreclosure process as well.

If the foreclosure is already in progress you may want to contact an attorney to give you advice in your particular situation and help to put together a defense to avoid losing your home. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation so you can get some valuable initial advice about your case. A lawyer can help you to determine if this is the best way to go for your financial situation.
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