ICANN and Trademarks

14th January 2011
By Kevin Bemarksz in Copyright & Trademark
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You may not know this but there is one organization that each domain name need to be registered by means of. They are headquartered in California and it is a nonprofit corporation. Initially the United States government performed a lot of of the domain related and Internet related tasks which is now taken over by this organization. This is the capacity to regulate which World wide web IP addresses are given out to whom and how. This also deals with the actual domain names themselves. The top-level domain name is the word that comes before the period. When most people feel of domain names they believe of the actual word in English or any other language as opposed to the IP address which is really a sequence of numbers. The entire purpose for the domain names being a word is as much easier for a person to navigate the Web by going to a website that is a word as opposed to remembering or telling other people about a website which is really a sequence of numbers. So you might obtain a domain name and then have that name pointed to the sequence of numbers, the IP address, and while the computers recognize the IP address associated with the domain name the individual only has to bear in mind the domain name.

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There was a memorandum of understanding between the entity and also the US government. Talked about the organizational structure and a Democratic method of hearing input from numerous other countries and continents. They attempt to hold meetings all over the place to hear from everybody they can. It's via this process they hope to get and come to the best policies for everybody.

Trademarks and domain names became an issue. In other words just due to the fact you register a domain does not mean you will be wiki it. There's a really high standard along with a process for taking that domain from you but it might be carried out.
What precisely is really a domain name registrar. It's essentially an organization which is truly a company that allows people to register a domain name. The reason is that each and every domain name is special and therefore can only be registered once. Whoever registered at initial would then have the domain registration. The very first registrar with network solutions for three of what is identified as the top level domains. COM. They had been the sole registrar for fairly a while. This agreement was between network solutions along with the United States Department of Commerce. They then developed a shared registration system which allows for multiple registrars. A couple registrars and at the market around this time and numerous much more appeared over the years. However today you'll find only a handful of registrars since the market has consolidated. Even though you might register a domain at 1 specific registrar you are able to transfer the control of that domain from 1 registrar to another. An additional fact is that when you register a domain a portion of the fee goes to ICANN to support their services. The registration is really a way of renting or leasing a domain and you are able to do it for numerous years. Then they pay the fee and they can have it. So in essence you'll be able to sell it but you never truly have true ownership. The maximum.
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