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How To Get Your House Ready For Quick Sale

08th April 2011
By Mercedes Quintanilla in Real Estate Law
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You must prepare your house for sale in order to sell it fast. This is especially important in a depressed real estate market where houses continue sitting on the market for months with no buyers.

The following tips will help you when looking to sell your home.

1) Get advice from a Realtor

When selling your house, you must first talk to a real estate agent.

Most realtors will point out important things crucial to selling your house fast.

Most Realtors will easily point out simple things that will help you sell faster. Sometimes these changes may cost you nothing.

Secondly, they will give you the best selling price for your house.

Most Realtors may know people who are looking to buy houses or other professionals who refer buyers to them.

If at all it is possible to get your house listed in the MLS for sale, then it automatically gets exposure in the market, even if the market may be over-flooded with similar houses for sale.

However, sometimes it may not be possible to get it listed. For example, you may not have enough equity to pay fees and commissions associated with selling your house through a real estate agent. You probably need to get it sold fast, you could be behind in your mortgage payments or maybe it needs repairs.

In this case, you might have to sell your house without a Realtor. Due to the high numbers of foreclosed properties, most houses are priced very low. There are also more houses than buyers in the market. This is why you need to get your house ready for sale.

The following tips will help you get it ready for sale.

2) Get your house inspected

You must be aware of what needs to get fixed in the house. If at all possible, all systems should be in good working condition. This is the first thing potential buyers look for.

3) Fix curb appeal

The first thing buyers will see if the outside of your house. A good first impression gets them to want to take a look inside the house.

Clean up the yard, remove junk and make it welcoming.

4) Improve staging

Get rid of extra junk and clutter that you have accumulated. A cluttered house does not look attractive.

Always make sure the beds are made and everything is kept clean and perfect.

Make sure the house looks good visually and in the pictures you take. Pictures will be the first line of impression before potential home buyers drive to your house.

5) Be ready to negotiate

Few people are looking to buy a house for full market value in a depressed housing market. Whenever possible, price it low and be ready to negotiate to sell your house fast.

6) Market your house actively

An ad in the local papers or online sources such as Craigslist could get you a buyer. Of course, a sign on your yard is important for people passing by in the area.

Mercedes Quintanilla is a real estate expert and real estate investor buying houses in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
She has seen many people buy and sell their houses using creative techniques. To further expand your knowledge in real estate and how to your house fast, please visit
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