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How to find recruitment agencies in Australia

29th October 2012
By Paul Rigby in Legal
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Recruitment agencies can be extremely valuable to employers who need to engage the services of expatriates. There are several websites online that contain lists of recruitment agencies in Australia. It is very important for corporate employers to be able to select a recruitment agency that will truly meet all their major employment needs. This is particularly vital when you need to engage in international recruitment. As you read this article, you will discover some of the critical factors to consider when you want to choose an agency that can meet your overseas recruitment needs.

1. Is the website professionally designed?
An international recruitment agency will have a professional designed website. Some questions to consider are: Does the site load quickly? Is it easy to navigate? The truth is, any agency engaged in overseas recruitment will have a professionally designed site that is attractive, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate. This is what will make it easy for foreign nationals to register and submit their resumes so you can have a large of number of international job seekers to choose from. One such website is, an online Australian recruitment and migration service provider. Konnecting specialises in international and migration recruitment on behalf of Australian employers.

2. What is the range of professionals covered by the agency?
Take some time to examine the type of professionals that the agency is capable of attracting to their website. Have a look at the size of their database. You should also take a day or two to revisit the website in order to find out if new candidates are being added regularly. Read some samples of resumes posted on the website.

3. What type of recruitment services does the agency offer?
Do they offer anonymous recruiting? Can they do a pre-selection for you and present you with candidates that fit your requirements perfectly? Make a few enquiries by email to be sure of this. With Konnecting, not only will they assist in finding the perfect job post for you, but as a skilled migration services company as well, Konnecting may help sort out your working visa and paperwork on your behalf.

4. What is their customer support like?
Every good overseas recruitment agency that specializes in international staff recruitment should have excellent customer relationship management. This is what will ensure that you have a smooth working relationship with them. Do they meet their deadlines? How long does it take them to respond to enquiries? Be sure that they keep to their promises.

5. Do they cover a wide range of countries?
Find out if the recruitment agency covers nationals from a wide of countries. Do they have nationals from America, Europe, Canada, India, Africa etc.? If they have candidates listed from a variety of English speaking countries, it is very likely that they have a sound recruitment strategy that will meet your employment needs.

6. Do they assist with relocation services and travel arrangements?
It will be nice to know how soon your foreign nationals will arrive to take up their positions in your company. When you are undertaking international recruitment, you should also try to make sure that your prospective employees will have their travel arrangements concluded early. This is particularly important if you are employing them for a short-term project and you cannot afford to accommodate any long delays in completion time.

These are but a few important factors you need to consider when you are looking for an agency that can provide international recruitment services for you and your firm. A visit to the website will offer you all the above and more! Start working with the best international recruitment agents in Australia today!

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