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04th October 2012
By David hussy in Divorce
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If you are a man who is involved in a divorce with your wife, there are plenty of reasons why you may be very nervous. Popular culture and tradition all suggest that the divorce process favors women. You may be fearful that you are going to end up giving all of your money to your wife, that you’ll need to continue to support her, and that you’ll pretty much lose access to your kids. However, while divorces did traditionally require a man to pay alimony and a wife to keep raising the kids, things have changed significantly in today’s day and age.

If your marriage is ending, it is very important that you speak with a Tampa divorce lawyer to learn about your legal rights in your specific situation. Every divorce is different because every family dynamic is different, and your Tampa divorce lawyer will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities in your case. In general, however, there are certain things that many men believe are true of all divorces and that are in fact myths. These myths include:

• Myth 1: The wife always gets the kids. Courts look at what is in the best interests of the child when deciding who will get custody. Typically, courts believe it is best to have continued access to both mom and dad. As such, you’re likely to be awarded at least shared custody. If you’ve been the primary caregiver for your child (as more men are then ever before), then you may be granted primary custody depending on the role your wife has played in the child’s life.
• Myth 2: Divorce has to be extremely expensive. If you and your wife are reasonable, you can typically get a divorce without breaking your budget. You will want to work out an out-of-court divorce settlement with the help of a Tampa divorce lawyer if you hope to avoid the significant court costs and legal expenses associated with a contested or litigated divorce.
• Myth 3: You’ll have to keep supporting your wife. Although men traditionally had to pay alimony in a divorce, this was often because only the men worked outside of the home. Today, if both parties work, there is a good chance that neither will get alimony. On the other hand, in many cases where the wife out-earns the husband, then the husband is eligible for spousal support from the wife.

• Myth 4: Your wife is going to get everything. This is simply not true, even if you engaged in behavior that contributed to the decline of the marriage such as infidelity. Courts will divide up property based on equitable distribution (what is fair), and it typically is not considered fair to give one party everything and the other nothing. If you are truly concerned about protecting certain assets and are committed to coming to a fair agreement, however, it may be advisable to settle your issues out of court with the help of your Tampa divorce lawyer so you can get a settlement you are both happy with and avoid the expense and time of a court case.

These are just a few of the myths that many men believe about the divorce process. With the help of a Tampa divorce lawyer, if you and your spouse agree to an amicable and uncontested divorce, it can be simple, quick and easy to dissolve your marital bonds.

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