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How to Find a Reputable Family Law Attorney in San Diego

13th October 2010
By Joseph Carter in Divorce
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In a family law case, your lawyer serves as your advocate. You may not possess the endurance and prudence to make rational choices during the legal process because you are emotionally vulnerable. Thus, it is vital that you carefully choose a family law attorney to assist you with your case. By hiring a family law attorney in San Diego, you can be guided throughout the process so you can be able to make informed choices about your case. Also, with a reputable family law attorney by your side, you can be ascertained that your rights will be defended and protected. Here are the steps in finding a reputable family law attorney in San Diego.

You have to meet with more than one potential family law attorney and conduct interviews. If you do not feel comfortable with the lawyer, cross him or her off your list. You do not want to work with someone that you are not at ease with.

The family law attorney should be able to clearly explain what his or her fees are, the method of payment available for you, and what happens to any money you have paid in advance if ever you decide to part ways eventually.

Be as specific as possible during your interviews with the lawyers. If the family law attorney is speaking to you in an arrogant manner, or making you feel irrational for any question you ask, find another lawyer. Keep in mind that every client deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect.

If the family law attorney tells you that he or she can help you get revenge against your spouse by utilizing the court process, never hire that lawyer. Revenge is costly and time consuming when it comes to legal action. Getting divorced is not about revenge.

If the family law attorney suggests that any child of your marriage can be used as a bargaining tool for demanding something else that you want from the divorce, do not consider that lawyer. This just implies that the lawyer lacks respect for your children.

You should never hire a family law attorney at your initial meeting. One of the common complaints of clients about their family law attorneys is that the lawyer fails to return the client's phone calls. Determine this by contacting the lawyer's office before hiring him or her. If the attorney or someone from the attorney's office does not return your call within 1-2 days, find another lawyer because this indicates that the lawyer does not have sufficient time to pay attention to you or your case.

Be extra cautious when you interview family law attorneys who offer a free consultation. The main goal of some free consultation lawyers is to get you into the office to sign on as a client after having a quick session about why you should hire the attorney rather than getting any credible assessment of your case. After the initial consultation, either paid or free, you must have a sense of the attorney’s strategy for your case and determine whether you believe a particular family law attorney will work hard for you.

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