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How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney In Three Steps

02nd October 2010
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The best way to find a bankruptcy attorney is to ask for referrals from others or search the yellow pages, and then contact each one to conduct an interview.

If you find yourself financially hampered or unable to pay your creditors and bills, filing for bankruptcy could be one of the options to consider. Individuals and corporations may seek bankruptcy. Legally, bankruptcy is a declaration that a person or entity cannot pay financial obligations or liabilities. For assistance with this procedure, if you live in Florida, you can contact a jacksonville bankruptcy attorney. Following these steps will help you find a professional and competent bankruptcy attorney in any area.

Step One: Look for referrals or scour the yellow pages

One very quick and easy way to find a good bankruptcy attorney is to look through the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages provide abundant information and facilitate any type of search. Lawyers will be arranged in the Yellow Pages by what they specialize in. When familiar people serve as your referrals, they go a long way in support of your position. Go to known lawyers and obtain referrals. Consult professionals who can suggest a qualified bankruptcy attorney. If your friends or family members had experiences with bankruptcy lawyers before, it will be a good idea to ask them to recommend some lawyers for you.

Step Two: Make a list of names

The need to sift through previously-gathered information makes it important to keep a careful list of all the bankruptcy attorneys' names and contact information that you have collected. This list will help you in your search. You can sort the names according to their office addresses and how close they are to where you live. If you have a plan to visit their offices, this will make it easier for you.

Step 3: Contact every bankruptcy attorney and interview each one

Remember that you will be entrusting an important part of your life and business to the person you hire, so don't be hasty in the decision you make. To compare the services offered you can either contact each person on your list or visit each one at a time. Take the initiative and look for an accomplished lawyer who makes you feel at ease. Here are some pertinent questions to ask potential attorneys: Will you handle my case yourself or delegate it to a paralegal? How much do you charge? Is bankruptcy your main or only area of expertise? How long have you been practicing law?

Filling for bankruptcy has far reaching ramifications and once the critical decision is made, selecting the correct bankruptcy attorney to handle the company's affairs is equally essential. Be sure that you feel confident to make an assessment and a firm decision about the attorney you choose.

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