How to Cut Video Clip

25th July 2012
By tomarmso in Copyright & Trademark
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Sometimes, we may do not need the entire video file, we may just need some video clips. However, it is not always possible for us to do that, to make this process much easier, we need find a related clipping tool at first.
In Which Circumstances, We need to Cut Video Clip
There are many circumstances that we may need to cut video clip, here I will list some main circumstances below:
1. Preview video or movie: If you just want to preview your video or movie and just want to introduce a good video or movie to your friends, an entire video or movie seems to be too large or too long. At this time you may need to clip your videos
2. Make a brief publicizing video: If you just want to make a brief publicizing video, there is also no need for you to use the entire video that you have.
3. Collect the classic clips: If you don't want to watch the entire video or movie and you just want to watch the classic part, it is necessary for you to know how to cut video clip.
These are the three main circumstances that we may need to cut video clip, what you need is just a related tool that can help you do the task like a video converter that has this kind of function.

Some Problems that often Occur When Converting the Clipped Video
As the passage mentioned above, when you want to know how to cut video clip, all you need to do is to find a related tool that can help you do the task like a video converter, here let's set video converter for example to show you some problems that often occur when converting the clipped video.
1. Go back to the original: Some video converters do have the clip function, but when you get the converted video that you have clipped, it has gone back to the original video - the entire video. 2. Screen and sound are not synchronized: you may often see the screen and sound of the converted video are not synchronized even some of them are mute or screen-disabled. 3. Converted video's quality: Some video converters will make your converted video's screen become foggy or lose quality.
These factors we really should concern about when we decide to choose a video converter to handle the clipped video.

How to Choose a good Video Converter to Solve the Problem - How to Cut Video Clip

If you have decided to choose a video converter to cut video clip, here I can give you some advice below:
1. Most importantly, you should see whether it has the clipping function or cutting function, some video converters do not have this function. 2. Converting functions: It is also an important factor that you should concern about; the converting functions include converted video's quality and the converting speed, choose a good one so that you will not meet the problem - the clipped video go back to the original or the screen and sound are not synchronized and so on. 3. Whether it is easy to use and whether it is safe or not.
There are many video converters that may have the clipping function, but few of them will work as they advertised, if you are still confused by how to choose a good one, here I suggest HD Video Converter Factory, it is an all in one video converter, not only can it help you cut video clip with handy operation, you even don’t need learn how to use it in advance, but also it can help you convert nearly all popular video and audio formats, it has all the advantages mentioned above, you will enjoy more fun to clip videos with this powerful video converter!
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