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How to Avoid Divorce?

13th May 2011
By Teecee Go in Divorce
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“How do I avoid divorce?” It’s not an easy question to ask or to answer. This one question we wish we never had to face. The answer to this question may not be simple as each marriage is different, but essentially yes you can stop a divorce.

Divorces are becoming rampant in our society and the only ones really benefiting are the lawyers. How many of us give this a thought? Why are we faced with this high rate of divorce? Is it because people get married to the wrong person or is it because they marry too young? These questions lose relevance when the ones getting a divorce have been married for decades.

When one is thinking, "how to avoid divorce?” it is not because your marriage was frivolous but because things changed over the years. Maybe you have just grown apart.

This could be positive too, as it means your marriage gave you enough space to be able to grow individually. This could also lead to growing away from your spouse.

Another possibility is that one of the spouses found a new hobby or interest and they don’t do things together anymore or one of them feels jealous about the other’s success; in this case the couple should meet a marriage counselor to work things out.

Until such time you can work out a few things yourself. If it is an activity that is keeping you apart, show interest in what your spouse is doing. If you feel that your spouse does not welcome your interest then maybe it is something they do to maintain their space. Leave them alone.

Possibilities are that your spouse may be only too happy to welcome you abroad. This could mean that all this time they did not know how to rope you in or were not sure of your reaction.

You need to let your partner know that you care and are really interested in learning about a new hobby. While you talk let your body language say “I care”, "I love you”. At no point should you sound or look or feel contrived.

The uppermost thought in your mind is “how to avoid a divorce and save my marriage?” so you will have to go that extra bit to show interest even if you are not particularly happy about it. If you want to save your marriage you will have to put in that extra effort.

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