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How Do You Propose a Divorce?

18th January 2011
By hasim bham in Divorce
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How do you propose a divorce?

Introductions, meetings, going out on a date... love is a very common thing. These are the steps to reach your big day - by that I mean wedding day - once you have made a decision that this is the right one for you. You cannot live without each other, and would like to spend the rest of your life with them. But... this may be the worst and most wrong decision you have ever made.

In most arranged marriages, you have accepted your family's decision to marry a person and to keep the wealth in the family, or to continue family bonding. Or you marry a person with sympathy, and you choose to accept her/him as your wedding partner. This could be a wrong decision in your life.

Often two individuals will keep on fighting, or will keep on arguing with little things. They don't go out together, they don't enjoy wedding life together, they just keep needing to expose the wrongs in each other. Life is not a playground where light play-fights happen every day. If you have children then you are not setting up the best examples of life. They will loose faith in marriage. Your neighbors will have free entertainment and free fun. You will not have a normal life and it will effect your self and your self development. Above all, it can harm your health too.

You need to do some talking, not shouting. You need to set three stages for your marriage future status.

Number 1: live in the same house, but live like strangers.
Number two: move out and live somewhere else.
Finally, number 3: divorce.

If you have reached the final stage, and not other choice is available, then you should plan your divorce, once more by talking. Remember this is the only way for good separation. Like you have planned your wedding, you should plan your divorce. Use the same location for discussion. Once you have decided the final and worst day of the dream, then organize a little party. Celebrate your separation event. Make announcements on the day, and in front of everyone, go on your knees and propose a divorce. You will loose your wife, but by doing this, you will gain a friendship for life.

I wish it could be as easy as that for everyone.

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