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House Or Apartment, How To Make A Choice?

21st February 2012
By Ankan in Real Estate Law
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The real estate market has witnessed an exceptional boom all thanks to the rapidly growing industrial sectors. You can see an explosion in construction of high rise apartment complexes, residential townships, and even low rise independent floors. Due to vast residing options readily waiting, people often get confused in choosing between an independent house and apartment.

Benefits Of Staying In Apartments

In the modern era of materialism, families have broken down into small units. Thus, peoplesí tendency towards living in apartment blocks is proliferating. There are many pro and cones of residing in these blocks. They are a better option to reside. In apartments you need not to care about the issues related to the property. People live in these units, because it is more secure as compared to private houses. Usually apartments are protected through security alarms and 24 hours video surveillance. These security procedures make these blocks inaccessible for trespassers Moreover; these apartments incorporate with many recreational facilities, such as communal laundry, fitness centre and swimming pool. Therefore, these additional amenities enhance the living experience of its dwellers. Furthermore, due to adjacent blocks, harmony among residents increases and they share their thick and thin of life with each other. Apartments do not require looking over the maintenance or gardens as they are not a matter of concern for the people residing in them. In case there is any problem related to property of apartments you just simply need to pay the amount and get it done repair. Problems like leakage or water supply issues you just need to the monthly rental and you are out of the issues. Even you just have to pay the single check for all the bills in reference to your apartment, no need of different checks for different bills like electricity bill, water bill etc. Issues like tax, building inspection, or insurance cover are not your concern, so you donít need to worry about them too. As you start living in apartment you will feel that these are best to stay with affordable prices and they will not cause much effect on your pocket. Apartments these days are available in large variety, suiting every pocket. For People who like to move or travel frequently to new places, apartments are the best choice.

Benefits Of Staying In Independent House

On the contrary, living in these blocks has some demerits as well, for instance, proximity of blokes with each other put people in a dilemma, because of the nasty behavior of the neighbors. In addition to generally these blocks are built as multistory buildings with no lift facility, so it becomes difficult for people to get to their blocks if they are residing in 3rd or 4th level. What is more, parking is another crucial issue of these buildings, and situation get worse when these inhabitants are visited by their nearest and dearest. If you want to use your creativity during construction in terms of interior design, material, paint, lights, bath accessories and other add-ons, then you should opt for an Independent House. Houses can be reconstructed, extended or renovated as per oneís discretion, whereas apartments cannot. You can cultivate your own kitchen garden or can enjoy the luxury of swimming pool in the backyard at your Independent Homes, which may not be possible in Apartments.

In order to seek best quality lifestyle, it is essential to choose your dream house with sound discretion. After all, itís your paradise where you would love to stay and enjoy your life.

To sum up, taking everything into account, living in an apartment complex is better despite some demerits, because buying an independent house is extremely expensive, and everyone may not be able to buy a house.
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