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Hiring a knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside

21st October 2011
By Gregory H Comings in Criminal Law
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Hiring a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside is easy, call the Law Offices of Gregory H. Comings. You will be connected with a highly experienced attorney who is local to the Riverside area. Attorney Comings has a strong working knowledge of the Riverside Courthouses and has handled various cases throughout the county with successful outcomes. From getting felony charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing to receiving acquittals at jury trial, Attorney Comings is a skilled negotiator and litigator. As a respected member of the Riverside County Bar Association, Mr. Comings has the knowledge it takes to get a successful outcome. Representing people during the most difficult times is his passion and he will not waiver in providing you the defense you deserve.

If a family member or loved one is arrested on criminal charges in the Riverside County, it is imperative that you invoke your right to remain silent. If you speak with the police or anyone else regarding a potential criminal case against you, any information you give could be used against you. The only person you should speak with after being arrested on criminal charges is a practiced Criminal Defense Attorneys Riverside.

Attorney Gregory Comings Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside will meet with you personally to discuss your case. We offer a free criminal case evaluation and are here to help. It is crucial to act fast as waiting to contact an attorney could be detrimental to your case. We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist you with your case. It is essential to understand that you are not alone in this fight. We will be there for you throughout the process if you are arrested in Riverside County. Understanding your rights and the possible defenses that arise in your case is the best way to get a good outcome in your case. Call today and receive a free case consultation.

Although it is wise to look at an attorney’s credentials and their case results, it is very important to remember that no two criminal cases are the same. The judicial system is based on the interactions of humans. A district attorney and Criminal Defense Attorneys Riverside may be able to see eye-to-eye on one case, but by varying the facts even just slightly, may result in a deadlock. A judge may be willing to accept an agreement in one instance but may use the power of his discretion to veto it in another case. If you or a loved one is arrested for a crime in Riverside, you want to hire a leading Criminal Defense Attorney in Riverside who knows the intricacies of the court system. You have rights and defending those rights is why our office is here. The Law Offices of Gregory H. Comings prides itself on defending those in their greatest time of needs. Our firm has represented people from all lifestyles, charged with a number of different crimes including white-collar crimes, armed robbery, drunken driving cases, violations of probation, and drug charges. Whatever the circumstances of your case, call our offices today.

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