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Higher Accuracy With Efile State Tax

23rd February 2011
By Shari Ross in Taxes
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This article describes why you should e-file your state taxes online versus doing them by hand.

Even with all the advancements in technology and internet usage, there are still people who like to file their state taxes with uncle sam using the old fashioned pen and paper method. By efiling your state taxes online you can prevent yourself from being miserable as it gets closer to April 15th and you realize you still haven't submitted your state tax return. There are a lot of advantages in e-filing your state return versus doing your taxes hand.

First, when you e-file your state taxes you soon realize that the process of filing your tax return goes much quicker and smoother. Submitting your tax return is made simpler and easier by using a straightforward interview style wizard that fills out your forms for you. Also, its easier for the IRS to manage when you e-file your state taxes. The IRS strongly encourages people to e-file their tax returns. For e-filing you can get your refund much faster - in some cases as quickas two weeks. Having your tax refund faster can help you pay off debt or make major purchases that you have been waiting to make.

The second benefit for e-filing your state taxes is the ease of data management. You will have a record of all your information so that you can refer back to it if needed. The ability to transfer data from previous years can save copious amounts of time when tax season rolls around.

Thirdly, you no longer have to worry about whether your state tax return made it to your state or not. When you e-file your state return you no longer have to worry about errors. Even if mistakes are present, at least the state has received a copy of your return. Any mistakes that come up while filing will be sent to you by the tax company you use to file your return.

The fourth reason for choosing to e-file your state return is that the software will prevent you from making a lot of errors on your tax returns. The process will not accept your filing if you are missing any important information or you submit the wrong information. You can quickly pinpoint mistakes and fix them so you don't have to redo your taxes later if the IRS finds errors and requests that you make the necessary adjustments.

Finally, e-filing state taxes is good for the natural environment. One simple way to change the world is to cut down on the amount of paper that's used and or printed. Filing your state taxes online allows you to help the environment. {It's a small step that can make a big impact if more people would go ahead and use this method of filing taxes.|It may not seem like all that big of a step, but if you consider the millions of people that have to file a tax return and how many forms are associated with it, then the savings add up quickly.|Think about how many tax forms are printed by tax preparers and the IRS. Now multiply that by the tens of millions of people that have to file a tax return and you can quickly see how this will be a benefit to the environment.

In a nutshell, those are the advantages to e-filing state taxes online. Don't throw away your money this year by going to a tax preparer. Use an IRS approved tax program that will allow you to e-file state taxes online. The whole process is fairly easy and only takes a few minutes if you have your tax data all set.

And if you're searching for an inexpensive to file your state taxes online, then give OnePriceTaxes a try this tax season. OnePriceTaxes will file your state taxes online for just $7.95. You can file a federal and state tax return for only $14.95. Our tax software is IRS approved, has no hidden fees, and accuracy is guaranteed. Try our software for free of charge and pay only when you're prepared to file.
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