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Hairdressing Injuries Lead to Compensation Claims

09th April 2010
By Roz Housholder in Personal Injury
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Most nightmare tales from the hairdressers involve haircuts that went disasterously bad; bridal curls turned luminous pink, or sexy locks burnt by a straightener. For some unlucky salon customers, the wrong can be more permanent, leaving behind acute injuries that require medical attention. There are numerous was that someone can be injured in a hairdressing salon, but fewer ways to reverse the harm and emotional trauma.

The most frequent injuries sustained in hairdressing salons are:

Chemical Burns and Skin Damage

Chemical burns are a common hazard of most salon chemicals. Whether you are having a perm, chemical straightening, or a colouring, you are at risk. The symptoms of a chemical burn can be severe, including hair loss, blistering and irritated, red raw skin.

Mechanical Burns

Mechanical burns can be inflicted by hair straighteners, blow driers and curling tongues, or any process where a heated element has close contact with the scalp or exposed skin. Mechanical burns can be very critical, a 2nd or 3rd degree burn can result in hospital treatment and irreversible scarring.


Slips with pairs of scissors are the primary cause behind hairstylists cutting more than hair. Ears are the most commonplace part of the body to be injured, as hairstylists cut sideburns and behind the ears. Men are specially susceptible to this accidental injury, as close work behind the ears is a vital part of men's haircuts.

A beauty salon has a duty of care to all its clients. If you have been injured whilst in a hairdressing salon, it is probably not your fault. When critical accidental injuries are inflicted as a result of hairstylist incompetence, the salon are guilty of neglectfulness, and can be taken to court to recuperate the damages.
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