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Growth in Video game news industry

04th May 2011
By game123 in Business Law
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Video game industry has emerged as one of the biggest industries of the world. There is so much which goes around it whether itís a company launching its Play station or social gaming. Every new day comes with a new happening in this world which widens the scope of video game news in the present era.

This interactive entertainment took birth around 1970 when computers were introduced. It used to be a hobby for the computer users to play the games then. Afterwards having a personal computer became necessity and those simple games turned obsolete. By 1980 home made and home computing games took everybodyís attention.

The first magazine to cover the video game industry came in 1974. It was known as Play Meter and covered entire entertainment industry. And the first magazine committed only to video game news appeared in 1981 in UK which was named Computer and Video Games. Another which followed it was, Electronic Games magazine, launched in US.

Advent of internet added to both the video games and video game news industry. People got an access over the online gaming sites. Storage became easier with CDs and downloading games became a fun trick for kids. This is how gaming turned bigger and broader than just being a hobby. When any industry grows in size then the facts and happening related it also needs to be covered in order to reach the people who are directly and indirectly related to it.

Today all the companies like Disney, Sony, Nintendo are the popular names in the world of video gaming. It makes a major section of the economy, you may be surprised but Grand Theft Auto IV earned more than Spiderman 3 in the first week of its launch i.e. $500million. There are many such facts related to the business of video games which reach the masses through news only.

There are various online sites which cover all the happenings whether it is a tax evasion by any video game company or any price cut offs. It helps the consumers who play games to keep updating their knowledge about any new gaming application, tool or software in the market. It helps the video games companies to device their strategies also considering the market developments.

Internet acts as the best source of video game news. Many social networking sites and gaming portals give space to the news related to this business. This immense growth is credited to them because they provide room for user comments on the developments posted there. It propels the whole system and instigates growth in its every aspect.

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