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Gaston County Criminal Records For Residents

28th June 2006
By James Calvin in Legal
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Gaston County in the State of North Carolina has several databases of information on criminal records. These sources of Gaston County criminal records deal mostly with convictions. This means that the databases that are publicly accessible may not include information on minor misdemeanors and other criminal offenses of a less serious nature.

A Gaston County conviction refers to a judgment handed down from a court to indicate that the person in question is found guilty of a crime. A Gaston County conviction may also result from the fact that the person in question pleaded guilty to the crime or offense. Now, since not all Gaston County criminal records are records of convictions, then databases primarily containing information about convictions are not complete sources of criminal history information of your subject. Still, they are great places to check out when conducting a Gaston County criminal records check.

What are the uses of Gaston County Criminal Records?

There are legitimate purposes in getting copies of your Gaston County criminal records. If you're applying for a job, then chances are you need to know what information is contained in your Gaston County criminal records. But employment is not the only reason why anyone would need to get copies of their own Gaston County criminal records. When you're applying for a professional license, your Gaston County criminal records may come in handy.

Employers have a legitimate use for Gaston County criminal records. They need it to conduct pre-employment background checks on all their prospective hires. The information that they find out through Gaston County criminal records check could very well affect your chances of getting hired. So why take chances about your career? Why not know beforehand what sort of information you can glean from your Gaston County criminal records?

Aside from employment and licensing purposes, Gaston County criminal records also come into play during court inquiries, criminal justice investigations, researches, et cetera. There are several more purposes to Gaston County criminal records. However, if you were to generalize all these, the result would be mainly for records-keeping and reference.

Where to find Gaston County Criminal Records

Public records information retrieval used to be a job that is relegated to research experts. But now, thanks to the existence of the Internet and the many diverse information it contains, the job of public records research is no longer exclusive to individuals who make it their profession to unearth little-known public records and other relevant documents.

The State of North Carolina where Gaston County belongs does not have an online central repository of criminal records. However, there are many NC government sites which you can access in order to get a hold of Gaston County criminal records. The key therefore is to know what type of documents you are looking for and determine which government office you should get it from.

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