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Free international calls: talk to your friends, family or business partners worldwide, without any e

20th October 2011
By Samantha Dale in Business Law
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International phone calls can cost quite a bit, this is why most of us continually check our watches when talking to someone overseas, just so we make sure, we do not end up with an enormous phone bill. But what if someone told you there was a possibility to make these calls free of any extra charge to anyone, anywhere in the world, would that sound too good to be true? There are several companies specializing in free international calls, enabling you to make calls to over 200 destinations, at the price of a domestic call. They make this possible by sharing an access number with you, which must be introduce before the number you are calling, and the only cost, that will be, charged to you, will be the cost of making the call to the local operator. Some of these companies require you to register with them and open an account, but most want to facilitate the process as much as possible, and offer their services without any preregistration or sign up. Such calls can be made from any mobile phone by dialing the companiesí mobile access number, then the international destination number, followed by the # key. You do not need to press the call button, as your call will automatically be redirected to the destination number.

There are but a few easy steps to making international calls at the price of local ones. After having called the local access number- companies usually provide a list of access numbers around the world where you can find the one available for your location- you enter a free pin number- which usually changes daily, and is made available by the companies on their websites- then after hearing the dial tone you enter the country number and phone number you want to access. The manner in which the free international call services can be accessed may vary based on the type of mobile phone you are making the call from. For example, if you own a Motorola or Ericson phone, after dialing the company access number you will hold* to show ' p ', which will cause dialing to pause, before you enter your destination number; but if you own a Nokia phone, you will press * 3 times to show ' p ', and if you own a Siemens or Panasonic phone you will press and hold 0 to show ' + ' before entering your destination phone number. Some companies also restrict the amount of time you can spend on a call, for example, you can only spend 6 to 10 minutes on a call within one hour, but you can make calls 24/7.

If you would like to avoid all charges, even local phone charges, then another solution is to contact your loved ones or business partners by calling them online. One of the most popular tools for free international phone calls is none other than Skype. By downloading this free tool from the internet you and your interlocutor can speak freely, without time limitations or any costs, enjoying top voice quality.

There is a huge variety of free call methods you could use. And freedom calls also supports call india free facility.
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