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Free Bankruptcy Offered By Calfiornia Attorney

16th March 2010
By Keith Hunt in Bankruptcy Law
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An opportunity to receive a free / Pro Bono Federal Bankruptcy in California is being offered by leading Bankruptcy Attorney.

"As part of our community action program we are offering a free Federal Bankruptcy filing in California to a family in need Pro Bono," states Louis Scott Brenes, California Bankruptcy Attorney.

The Law Offices of Louis Scott Brenes, based in Newport Beach CA, and; serving all of California; is dedicated to helping people find peace in their lives through bankruptcy, and; to finding a path of refreshment and financial success once again. A Chapter 7 or; Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may just be the thing to help you begin anew.

"Our philosophy on giving back stems from our vocational calling to serve and to help people. In fact, I believe there is nothing greater than to participate in a healing process of getting people back on their feet once again."

"We are making this offer because we know there are people out there that are suffering physically, emotionally, and; spiritually from various kinds of debt bondage. Unfortunately they are so far in debt they can not afford to pay to go through the Bankruptcy process, or; even know where to start to find their way out. We are in a position to help such a family."

The individual selected for the free / Pro Bono bankruptcy will be notified on April 19th 2010 and chosen based on need by the management of the Law Offices.

"It seems that the media is full of bad news about about the current economic climate. Of course this filters down to all of us at the family level. Not only does this have financial consequences, but psychological ones too. We want to reassure these families that there is a way out to their situation."

"Right now we can only help one family but we are looking to expand this program and help more in the future," concludes Brenes.

The Law Offices are accepting email applications only through a specially built website

The Law Offices of Louis Scott Brenes work with those that are considering bankruptcy in California. California Bankruptcy free bankruptcy bankruptcy attorney
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