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Features of Divorce Mediation

22nd March 2011
By Vikas Gupta in Divorce
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Divorce mediation still feels like a new idea in some parts of the country, but it's increasingly well-known and widely accepted. Mediation means different things to different people. In the form I recommend, you and your spouse would sit down in the same room with each other and with a neutral mediator.
The largest advantage to using divorce mediation in the dissolution of a marriage is that it allows the couple to be in charge of their divorce, rather than uninterested—and costly—attorneys. Since divorce mediation is not as inflexible as traditional divorce, it gives the couple a means to work together, rather than working against each other.

Divorce Consultant is a safe place where you get the help you need to deal with your emotions and prepare and organize your divorce. In Divorce mediation couples are encouraged to consider a mutually agreed annulment. A divorce is the legal ending of a marriage however most people associate divorce with disputes over finances, the house and other possessions, even the children. In most cases financial settlements and arrangements about the children are handled separately to the actual process of filing for divorce. Many divorce lawyers are becoming mediators as the demand for divorce mediation grows, and these lawyers usually are happy to work as consulting lawyers on cases they aren't mediating. The Mediator helps couples develop a managed separation path, with mutual solutions avoiding costly and highly stressful contested court proceedings.

• You may still be uncertain or confused about what you want!
• You may both want to stay together but do things differently in the future
• One Partner may not want to divorce/separate, while the other does
• On the other hand, you may both want to split but don't know how best to go about it
• You may have an urgent need to focus on the interests of your children's future
• Have other family issues that also need resolving?
• Find it difficult to communicate with your Partner or Ex
• Just need to calm everything down and reach some solutions
• Need to reduce stress and emotional effects on everyone affected.
Benefits of Mediation:
• Settlements are achieved at or shortly after mediation in about 90% of cases.
• Attendance is entirely voluntary.
• Savings in costs, stress, management time and disruption.
• Mediation excludes unwanted Publicity.

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