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Family Law Attorney Chicago Marriage and Divorce: The Other Part of the Story

10th October 2011
By KevinStout in Divorce
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A lot of people think that marriage is one thing that will only include both the husband and the wife and will not affect anyone else's opinion.What is marriage anyway?Some people think that it this union is a bond created between two people since they're in love with each other understanding that it is something that they can easily perform and break down at the same time when the joy that they have is no longer found.A lot of people are really thinking that marriage is that basic because there are very few specifications to get married, this is why more often than not, people will also get divorced quickly.

The first man and woman to be married was Adam and Eve, amazingly, there have been no priests nor pastors then yet, but nevertheless, the Scripture still indicates that both were betrothed and that Adam and Eve were both a couple.This is quite unexpected because this indicates that you will find there's a third party involved in marriage and that marriage just isn't an institution that's first formed simply by man, but in fact, it turned out as one established by God himself.Of course folks, as extremely hard as it may seem, our God did make marriage, He is associated with each and every marriage.Marriage is in fact, something that is very Holy and is in fact, something that involves a higher power, the sad component is, people don't remember it and so they think that man instituted it and a guy is in a position for to dissolve it understanding that man has the power to wave it off as quickly as they got it.

Most people think that there are three sides to a coin, when in fact, if you take a look at it closely, you will actually see that there are three sides to it.But since the majority of the time, people will neglect to look at it closely; they have an inclination to put aside precisely what things pertain to God and also to a higher power.When in love, people easily get married or decide to marry, when in pain, people will often decide to get divorced, and for me, it gives a feeling of carelessness and thoughtlessness.Why don't people think first before they get married and why don't people try to see and assess for themselves the character of their partners first before they decide to get married on the first place?

Divorce should never be an option, marriage is instituted by God and they ought to get a signed consent from God first before a married couple can get divorced.I believe that people have abused and belittled the Holy sacrament of marriage and divorce is paving the way for people to destroy the lives of innocent children.Men and women should think of marriage a lot more critically and they should not get married if they think that it's not something which will last their entire life.

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