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Family Law Attorney Chicago WHAT LEADS TO DIVORCE

19th June 2011
By Rusty Estes in Family Law
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Divorce is increasingly becoming a common feature in modern day society. Divorce is now responsible for tearing apart a large number of families. Statistics state that in a country such as the US, the divorce rate is almost at 40%. This is an increasing problem in society and it is important to look into its root causes.

Ineffective communication is a major cause of divorce that is often mentioned. A successful relationship is based on having sound communication channels regarding all issues. If a couple fails to put in place these channels, then a breakdown in how they relate to each other will result. The reason for this is that feelings of hurt and anger arise from repressed grudges which manifest themselves worse later on. Thus, it is vital that couples set up basic channels of communication between themselves.

Another major factor that leads to divorce is infidelity. In modern day society, infidelity is strongly condemned and is a major contributor of divorce, contrary to traditional society where it was tolerated especially among men. Although infidelity may be committed by either spouse, it is regarded as more serious when the wife has committed it. A major resultant issue that arises from infidelity is a deep mistrust in the relationship. This problem remains even though the couple works on solving their issues.

Conflict of personalities is also another cause of divorce that people mistakenly perceive as irreconcilable differences. During the early stages of marriage, couples may allow the excitement and romance of a new phase of life to cloud their judgement on the compatibility of their personalities. As the excitement wears off, however, they may start to realize that there are aspects of each otherís character they cannot live with. These resentments may fuel huge misunderstandings which in turn precipitate the onset of divorce. It is therefore important for couples to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of each otherís personality before getting married. This will enable them to decide whether or not they can live with each otherís weaknesses.

Financial issues are yet another reason for the high rate of divorce nowadays. In modern day society where spouses share the financial burden in the relationship, many marriages are shattered through financial problems. Financial problems that lead to huge rifts in relationships include different financial status between the spouses, failure to disclose financial status, failure to provide adequate financial support.

A more serious cause of divorce is abuse, both physical and mental. Physical abuse often involves habitual battering of the wife as well as the children. A spouse who is mentally abused will often develop a low self esteem and deep-seated insecurities. Such emotional turmoil will precipitate the end of the marriage.

For every ended marriage, there will be personal reasons that have driven it to its breaking point. However, it is important to understand the general causes of divorce so that couples planning to get married can avoid them well in advance.

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