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Fake and Fraudulent Permanent Resident Cards

12th January 2011
By Felix Black in Legal
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Many people seeking to get your self a U.S. Green card do not really fulfill the actual qualifications needs because mandated through the actual government. Sadly, due to using a criminal record or limited assets, a big quantity associated with green card applications are declined. To accomplish their goal of residing within the actual USA, many illegal aliens obtain fake green cards.

By purchasing a fake card, you are committing Green Card Scams. This criminal offence honors severe punishment and deportation to people that is captured. If you're deported, long term applications with regard to re-entry in order to the United States are barred from becoming accepted.

An advanced fraud ring knows the first requirement to producing a legitimate-looking green card is a social security number. The majority of banking institutions and financial institutions tend to be educated to verify this particular feature, but are not required to confirm the number by itself.

Most work confirmation demands the sociable security quantity to end up being confirmed. If this information is returned to be wrong, work could be refused and the government bodies could be notified.

Proper understanding and training may end up being discovered in order to detect the difference inside a real or phony card. The most essential feature to discover is look. The actual card should feel the same as all other green cards you manage on a regular basis.

The card should also be free of any kind of extra laminate unless of course this is an apparent repair job. This particular might end up being the first indication that a card may be tampered with, however it could also be an inexpensive repair instead of filing for a green card replacement. Make use of near discernment prior to notifying the actual authorities associated with these types of circumstances, just report the actual incident if you think it could be the fake green card renewal document.
Before lamination by the U.S. Passport Office, the green card is printed on security paper. This paper was specially designed by the government to prevent reproduction of fake cards. Even though hard to reproduce, many advanced scams bands may create a coordinating record with relieve.

The picture should look like the individual possessing the card. Closely examine the picture when compared to person who holds the actual green card, there ought to end up being substantial resemblance within likeness.

Any additional signs of tampering might be evidence associated with the phony card. This should be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

If you want to arrive at America, please keep in mind that counterfeit green cards are illegal and if you are caught, you could end up in a lot worse circumstances than after you are.

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